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    So what to gear with?

    Okay I have a raiding mage, I have this alt paladin that I run with my gf. I just went prot to be able to sustain a lil more damage while questing and the like. I have never tanked before so I dont really know how to gear, so I been researching the prot spec and it seems like I am sposed to grab dps gear with the haste? And avoid parry and dodge? I am just a lil confused as how to gear my paladin. I have watched preach videos for basic paladin tank guide and he is recommending dps gear. I mean I am not main tanking a 25 man heroic mode or anything with my paladin. Like I said he is a alt. Just looking for a little guidance.

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    U got a nice guide in a sticky above. Hope this helped.

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    Please direct basic questions about protection to the sticky above.

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