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    [RBG/Arena] Looking for Players

    If you are looking for people to PvP with, whether you are looking for just a friend to play arena with or a guild master needing people for his RBG team, you can post it here.
    Please do not post your own thread as that will be removed as soon as we spot it. This thread is the only way to post your LF PVP.

    Things you might want to include in your post:
    • Your character's name
    • Your faction
    • What server you play on
    • Region
    • Your armory
    • Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play
    • Your current rating in the bracket you wish to play
    • Your playing schedule
    • Which timezone you live
    • Which class/spec you are looking for
    • Your guilds name (in case of a guild recruiting here)
    • Alternative ways to contact you (Placing your e-mail here is not smart though)
    • ...

    Note that none of these things are necessary to include, but the more information you include, the more likely it will be you'll find people to play with.
    Also note that this is not a discussion thread, anything that isn't about looking for / finding players doesn't go here.
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    LF Mage for Glad MLS on horde PST!!!

    Jus tlike the title says. Shaman and myself are both glad players LF a mage with 2400+ Exp

    Mod Edit: Try to include your region / character as well. The armoury in your sig has 404'd
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    Tamashi/Mamamorton (frost/fire & ele respectively)
    Laughing Skull-US
    EST (CST server)
    LF 1850 RBGs Only interested in teams that have minimum 1800 expectation with 2k+ preferred (I quit because I grew tired of playing with non-progressive teams with constant PUGs)
    CR: 1560/1811: just playing with whoever since there's only a couple weeks left in the season.
    Afternoons/Evenings preferred
    I'm a solid frost player but I can go fire (though I don't anticipate that being a top pick); ele shaman are looking good and this is my strongest PvPer IF someone wants to use me exclusively as ele. Don't ask me to play resto-- I hate it and I suck at it anyway.
    BTag is the easiest way to get in touch with me. I'm here often-- just shoot me a message and I'll give you the i.d.

    Additional Info.: I'm up for 3s and even 2s if everyone involved has some 1800+ experience. I'm over just capping for points and would like to pursue rating. I've been around since launch and I have 85+ experience on every class so I'm very familiar with forcing CDs, etc. for each spec/class. I would prefer to focus on gearing no more than two characters though (where competitive play is concerned) as I find I burn out with more than that. I'm better on some classes than others but outside of the shammy, mage and a dpriest, I'd rather not try to put my others in a core as I think I'm too out of practice.
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    Heíneken -- Feral druid (cant post links yet, so no armory, but i will be full tyr a week from now)
    US Horde Blackrock
    I live on the east coast so EST

    Interested in a serious 3s team and WILLING to faction/server xfer

    2200 exp RBGs, ~2100 cr
    ~1900 exp in arena back in TBC

    i can pretty much play anytime after 5pm est, although on most days i can play before that, it all depends on when i get out of work

    ideally looking for a chill/good team to do 3s with and perhaps an active pvp guild.
    shoot me a message on here and ill give you my battletag/email so we can correspond.
    also, i prefer to use Skype as my method of communication during arena/rbgs


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    Short introduction
    I'm a casual raider who very soon will have finished heroic progression. That means I have time for PvP, which is something I've been wanting to try out for a while. I've always focused on PvE, and only done PvP for the occasional shits and giggles. I have played a lot ("lot"=relative, from PvE PoV) of arenas before on my mage and my priest, and in total I should have somewhere around 700 total arena matches fought between all my characters.

    Name: Alatres (Mage), or Alarinth (Warlock)
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Twisting Nether / Defias Brotherhood
    Region: EU
    Armory: Mage | Warlock
    Gear: Full malevolent with the occasional Tyrannical piece. On my warlock everything will be gemmed and enchanted accordingly. It's still a work in progress in regards to funding that Jade Spirit on my mage, but I'll get there.
    Ratings: Like I said, I've never done PvP seriously, only a few matches a week (everything from 0 to 50 matches in 1 week - very sporadic) and as a result, I'm not that good. I've never got the 1500 rating achievement, but honestly - I've left the team every time we hit the cap, and that was iirc always before the 1500 mark.
    Reason: I'm not looking for some gladiator or anything, just someone who wants to do some occasional pvp, be it arenas or rbgs or random BGs. You should preferrably be as bad as me, or close to! This game is made for anything but solo-play, and I've come to the conclusion that if I can find someone to play regularily with, I'll have a lot more fun and hopefully so will the other person!
    Disclaimer: I'm really bad - no 1500 achievement speaks for itself.

    If this for any reason at all sounds interesting, feel free to send me a PM on these forums.
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    Overwatch mod
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    Name: Syrco
    Class/Spec: Balance druid
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Kazzak
    Region: EU
    Experience: I've enjoyed PvP since I started playing in TBC. I've never PvPed seriously, but I've reached 1700 RBG rating with some randoms one season. It was very fun and I'd like to do more RBGs if I can find a team who wants me. I've done some arena for fun and points, but it isn't really my thing, I'm more into BGs.
    Looking for: I'm looking for healer and DPS to join me for some random BGs once in a while. For fun, HKs, achievements, gear or whatever you need. No gear requirement, but it'd be good if you had some PvP gear and experience just so you know what to do and can do some healing/damage
    I'm tired of losing BGs, doing BGs with bots, people who don't know what to do, and not getting any heals
    Contact: PM me here

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    Name: Khäldrogo
    Class/Spec: Arms Warrior
    Faction: Alliance
    Server: Darkspear
    Region: US
    Experience: I only play PvP I am currently Full tyrannical at have a current rating of 1711 in rbg's. I can play my class very well.
    Looking for: Im looking for a 2k+ team that will run me in one of their groups so I can acheive the 1800 rating title. I must be able to play my own character and I will only pay with in-game gold. If you are a 2k+ team i will only need 1 win from you and ill be done.
    Contact: Skype is figueroa.kyle, PM me on here, or send me a request and whisper in wow.

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    Mostly harmless
    Name: Nisperaspias(Otherwise known as Khepri)
    Class/Spec: Mistweaver
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Bloodsclap
    Region: US
    Experience: I am 2300 exp in rbgs from last season.(I got lots of ss to prove it) My current raid leader stopped playing and things fell apart. I occurred over 300 wins last season, I know what I am doing. I am willing to transfer if needed.
    Contact: You can pm me here.
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    Name : Swagnflow
    Class/spec : Arms warrior
    Armory : Can't post links yet, but my name is Swagnflow, on Archimonde EU.
    Faction : Alliance
    Server : Archimonde EU
    Experience : I got 2300+ in 3s This season, and I was 2700+ In RBG's, I have 1711 CR because I changed faction and lost my RBG group, I'm basically looking for rbgs!
    Conctact: My btag is Pewpew#2677

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    Name: Spacepunch
    Description: Former heroic raider, I decided i was tired of pve and put a main focus on pvp. Looking for solid RBG team to get work done with.
    Class/Spec: Ele Shaman (main), Rogue and FDK (geared alts)
    Armory: Shaman, Rogue, DK
    Faction: Horde
    Experience: 1750 RBG and Arena this season. Quick learner and good listener, as well as vocal and able to perform well.
    Contact: Spacepunch#1293
    do what you feel.

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    Hey there, im bankszelda holy paladin on tarren mill (horde)
    Im LF dutch PvP ers to join our guild <century gaming> for arena and RBG.
    Atm all classes and specs are welcome.
    U can make an apply on our website:
    Or add my battletag: banks#2535 for questions.
    Ty for reading, goodbye

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    Aerie Peak, U.S Alliance
    My main is a Shadow Priest on the US server Aerie Peak (alliance side). 496 i lvl, fully geared/gemed/chanted. My buddy is Clance who is a 493 i lvl Holy pally (he has 2200 exp in 3s). We are both on the East Coast, and our other partner is in Hawaii so it never works out to get a bunch of games in. We are usually on after 8pm EST. Right now our 3s team is tad over 1500 rating. our MMR is about 1700. Last night we went 5-1 at that MMR and were blowing people up with a fully geared hunter who then just randomly dropped and said he wanted to play with friends.

    Looking for perferably a frost mage/lock/hunter to run games with for rating. Would really like to push 2k, I feel like we are a good duo, just need to fill this last dps slot.

    Check our armory.

    Aerie Peak

    Shadowdurka and Clance

    Thanks, hope to hear from you!

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    Your character's name: Deathfyst, Marious, Jeanbaptise
    Which faction: Horde:
    What server you play on: Kargath
    Region: US East
    Your armory: highest rating in the bracket you wish to play
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play: 2v2: 2200, 3v3: 2000, RBG 1900
    Your playing schedule: Mon, Tues, Thurs 6pm-12am, Fri 6-8pm, Wens, Sun 8pm-12am
    Which timezone you live: EST

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    I am a mistweaver monk looking for a RBG team that is maybe starting fresh or is ok with newer players. Most of my pvp days were in vanilla and I have more recently decided to focus primarily on pvp. I'd like to join a team that is cool with me gearing in conquest gear as we play. I don't want to be carried to gear, it's just that gearing up with random bgs is pretty impossible, that is, it will take a long long time (not that I'm not trying, I am saving up points at the time of this post). If you're super hardcore I probably won't fit in, at least not at the moment, but if you are chill and maybe a little casual but like putting forth the effort to win then I think I will be a good fit for your team. Please send a mail to my character and I will get back with you ASAP.

    Region - US
    Faction - Alliance
    Name - Breeo
    Server - Frostwolf
    Preferred play time - 9pm-12am central
    Armory -

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    Name: Kalldor /
    Class/Spec: MW Monk, WW Monk
    Server: Outland
    Region: EU
    Experience: 2.2k +. 2.2k + in season S3, WOTLK s10, s11, s12, in this season been 1900 mmr in 2's on monk (MW) and 2k on priest in 3's.

    Looking for: 2's and 3's partners I really want to push past 2.2k + previously teams have always just disbanded / given up at 2.2k as I was always stuck on dead end PvP servers, but transfered a while ago, however due to real life I haven't been able to play. Looking for fun. Open to comps and happy to play either WW or MW. (Gearing for WW now)

    Be english, or swedish (I'm a englishman living in sweden learning swedish)

    Bring similar exp, the aim to increase rating, improve and have fun. No ragers, retards or if you are horrible etc, everyone can improve. I really want to go to Glad level and I want others to play with.

    I will be able to start playing early august as building a new PC and finding a new place to live atm. But after that I will be able to play most days after around 3pm GMT +1 and longer other days.

    Contact me by PM.
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    Name: Késh (Arms) and Villainret (Ret)
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Mannoroth
    Region: US
    Gear: Almost full tyranical with some pve trinkets on Warrior, Some 483 pve and Tyranical on paladin with 502 pve tinket str
    Ratings: I have never been over 1800 in arena..... due to lack of seriousness and/or lack of time/bad server/bad guild. I have always been generally good in pvp and always top 5 in bgs (not that it is some radical achievement) I am bored to hell and I want to take arena seriously this upcoming season 14. I wanna be able to say that I was rank 1 at least once in my WoW career. I do believe I am good enought to do it.

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    Name: Decorpse
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Silver-Hand
    Region: US-Canada
    Average rating: 1700-1900
    Rbg times: Evenings
    Gear: Full Tyranical Shadow Priest (also play full tyran Holy paladin -Swaggar-Silver-Hand)
    I'm the GM of the Mulisha, even though we play on an "RP" server, we're a chill (no drama) and active pvp guild with over 300 members, doing 2-3 RBG groups (mix of mains and alts/low rating) per week as well as arena groups, premade reg bg's to help gear ppl, guild 2v2 tourneys, world pvp etc. We also welcome casual pvp players looking to improve and have fun witha good attitude.
    Yesterday a guildie started a website for us-
    We want to progress to 2k+ and could use a good boomkin and feral (fc)
    Please start a lev 1 horde on Silver Hand and mail/friend "Decorpse" or "Swaggar" if youre interested. Ill get back to you. Cheers
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    Name: Aisling
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Turalyon
    Region: US
    Highest Rating: 1805 in 2s
    Rating would like to achieve: 2000+
    Playing Schedule: Mostly on every day afternoons/evenings
    Timezone: EST
    Which class/spec you are looking for: Any really, I'm just looking for other skills players (1700-1900 rating) that want to improve skill to the next level
    Contact: Battletag - Nubtanx#1277

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    Looking for level 80 twinks with MOP weapon for pvp

    Hey guys,

    I apologize if this is in the wrong section.

    I currently have a level 80 twink Disc priest, I love doing arena and BG's. Being a shift worker I am on at random times and would love to meet other 80 twinks for both arena and BG, especially with 5.4 right around the corner.

    My priest is named Feartheflood on Jubei'thos (HORDE) and my real ID is aussie_schloff at hotmail dot com, sorry new and can't post my actual email yet. If anyone that is interested and was after a pocket healer.

    I have MOP weapon and mostly CATA blues, with the alc trinket. I am on the look out for the Toad-slime gloves and bracers etc for that extra stam

    Cheers !!!

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    Smile Warlock LF pvp guild

    Name: Heka

    Class/Spec:I am playing currently a Warlock mostly as affliction but i can play every spec


    Server:Twilights Hammer

    Region: EU

    Experience: until now to be honest i have tried to play 2s and the biggest rating was 1900 on 3s i ve played a little bit until 1500 or so..

    Looking for:As i said i am looking for a good and friendly pvp guild to push as much i can in every bracket,never had the chance before to be on a pvp guild..I never before had the time to play only pvp and now i want to try it out ..i want people that rly want to push ratings and not be casual,i wont let you donw people ^_^.

    Contact : you can send me a message here or pm in game..

    Thanks for your time!

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