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    Character name: Knot
    Faction: Horde.
    Realm: Twisting Nether
    Region: EU.
    Armory:Can't post links yet
    Highest ratting: None.
    Playing time: All throught the day
    Timezone: GMT +2
    Which class/spec play:Holy Pala
    Contact: Not#22561

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    Character name: Gojiog
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Ravencrest
    Region: US
    Armory: New here so I can't post a link. Look up Gojiog on ravencrest and that would be me.
    Highest ratting: None.
    Playing time: Almost always available.
    Timezone: mst
    Which class/spec play: I bounce between restro and balance.
    Contact: SmokingGrim #1418
    Looking to do heals and dps as needed for rbgs and 3s. Looking to learn and master my class.
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    Santa Barbara

    Alliance New PvP Guild on Kilrogg/Winterhoof is recruiting!

    Name: Smalls
    Class/Spec: Mistweaver
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Kilrogg
    Region: US
    Guild: <B G S>
    Usual Guild Activity Time: 11:00pm+
    Timezone: PST

    Newly formed guild on Kilrogg/Winterhoof is searching for new members interested in PvP. Looking for more healers and dps to start working on rbgs and arenas. We enjoy dank memes and kicking butt. If you have any interest in PvP and the occasional mythic+ look no further than <B G S>.

    Contact info: Can whisper Smälls-Winterhoof(usually on from 12pm-5pm pst) or send an in game mail.

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    Hello my name is Tracerz, I'm looking for an active RGB Team! I've gone 2k+ on multiple classes(Ret paladin, Aff Warlock, Frost Mage)
    I'm looking for a team for my Ret Paladin, 900+ ilvl and 3rd Prestiege. Please add my battle tag if interested!

    Your character's name: Tracerz
    Your faction: Alliance
    What server you play on: Proudmoore
    Region: US
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: 2075
    Your current rating in the bracket you wish to play: Fresh for new season.
    Your playing schedule: Any day 8pm - Midnight
    Which timezone you live: Central Time
    Battle Tag: Tracerz#11738
    Human Ret Paladin main since '04

    Glory To The Alliance!

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    Old 3k RBG rated player from MoP. 922ilvl looking for 2.4k+ RBG cap so i can get 915+PVP items for mythic week.

    Your character's name: Hypería - Warlock Affliction
    Your faction: Alliance
    Your guilds name: Scrubbusters
    What server you play on: The Maelstrom
    Region: EU
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: 120-53 W/L (2.4k rating. 3.2k+ MMR, photo proof)
    Your current rating in the bracket you wish to play: not played since MoP.
    Your playing schedule: Friday-Tuesday
    Which timezone you live: GMT
    Battle Tag: Hyperia#2690
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    Havoc DH here, I am new to PvP, however I reached top 100 in EU in many games including WoW raiding, DotA, HotS, HoN and LoL in which I won many local and ESL tournaments.
    Ofc I can provide proof for ALL of that.
    I just want two good pvpers with exp that will believe in me and I promise you it will pay off. I am planning to become the best DH in PvP out there and I am confident I will achieve it.
    For further info if you wanna contact me here is my battletag, skizm#21725
    Edit: I play on Kazzak-Horde

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    Almost a copy of the above tbh

    Alliance Havoc DH here, kinda new to PvP. I have a lot of experience with team-based games like Dota, Heroes of the Storm, CS.
    I can't post links yet, character is Mahaynteen in Emerald Dream (America).
    Looking for more experienced people to start climbing the 3v3s and RBGs ladders. I feel pretty confident in my DH, often top damage done in the casual and low ladder PvP I've done, if that means anything. Am pretty good at following calls and strategies.
    My schedule is flexible, I play pretty much everyday at any time.
    Btag: face2face#11237
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    Arms 920+ LF 2s, 3s or RBGs to hit 2K rating. Experienced with 2k rating.


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    • EU - Horde
    • Rogue looking for RMP/D, ThugCleave (r/hunter/healer), or 'dancing with the stars' (r/boomkin/healer)
    • ~1.8k XP
    • 1.6k CR
    hey, i do not have much XP but i am looking to play a lot and improve. looking for dedicated players in a similar situation for one of the comps mentioned above. btag: EdOkin#2801

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    Hi all
    I am Insanity
    I have been looking for a threes team
    I play a monk mistweaver, and a feral druid. Both characters Alliance
    my experience I have been a pvper since cata
    my highest bracket was 2000 in 3s
    my current CR for threes is 1.4k on both toons
    Server i play on: Frostmorne
    Playing times: Monday through sunday~ Monday to Friday evenings to nights
    Time zone: UTC+12:00
    Highest bracket I wish to play in: 1.8k to 2000
    Region: US

    Please contact me if youre interested
    btag Insanity#1418
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    Character: Margosyne
    Class: Priest (Disc/Shadow)
    Faction: Alliance
    Server: Stormrage-US (EST)
    Armory Link:
    Highest rating achieved: None
    Highest current rating: None (I'm new to rated pvp; have only done casual BGs)
    Playtimes: generally evening/night EST
    Looking for: Anything. RMP realistically?
    Btag: Sovngarde#1313
    Do not ask questions for which you do not want the answers.

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    Keyboard Turner
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    2500 ele 2150-2,2k cr if Guild and team

    Looking for serious players to form teams and play together
    Looking for serious pvp guild

    Legion xp 2500 as elemental shaman

    Your faction: I got on both sides
    What server you play on: The Maelstrom

    Both chars is is 2150-2200 ish cr in 3s and 2k+ in 2s' and 1900+ RBG

    Can be contacted here or ingame on Biblereader-TheMaelstrom or B-tag Wooterpipe#1244
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    Looking for RBG team to join for pushing rating . Dont have any big experiance becous only played with pugs... And big bonus would be team play on weekends . But weekdays work as good if its correct time for me. Im playing holy/ret paladin, can use voice if need.

    Contact me ingame Pekulsh-Stormscale or Pekulsh#21110

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    Name: Gittum
    Class/Spec: Elemental Shaman
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Thrall
    Region & Timezone: US - EST

    Interest: Rated Battlegrounds
    Highest: 1500
    Current: 1500
    Schedule: Every day except Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Those are raid nights.

    I started playing RBG's for the artifact appearance in the YOLO groups and really enjoy it. I'm interested in gaining rating and doing it at a higher level. I am not looking for a guild, just a group to play with.

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    Character name: Kordruk
    Faction: Horde.
    Realm: Twisting Nether
    Region: EU.
    Highest ratting: None. Played skirmish games a lot since no partner to arena.
    Playing time: from 5 pm to 11 pm
    Timezone: GMT +2
    Which class/spec play:Frost DK
    Contact: Trikszter#2576

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    Looking to get as high as possible in 3's before BFA. Glad would be nice.

    Character name: Pfinferno
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Blackrock
    Region: US
    Highest ratting: 1800 in legion, got to 2000 or so back in Cata I think.
    Playing time: from 3 pm to 10 pm
    Timezone: US East
    Which class/spec play: Elemental Shaman
    Contact: Pfinferno#1474

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    Looking to do one final push for Duelist in S7. Need reliable players.

    Character names: Stastro (Warrior) + TheZep (Death Knight)
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Sargeras
    Region: US
    Highest Rating: 3v3: 1900+ Legion S2 (Rival), RBG's 1800+
    Playing time: Flexible
    Timezone: US East
    Which class/spec: Arms Warrior, Frost Death Knight
    Contact: Stastro#11642

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    Looking to push 2v2.
    Character name: Justia
    Faction: Alliance
    Region: EU
    Highest rating: 1.6k (this exp)
    Playing time: 2100-0000
    Class/Spec: Holy Priest

    Just PM and lets go! I am fun to play with!

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    Far, Far Away.
    Character name: Silverføx
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Uther
    Region: US
    Highest ratting: 1500 RBG (MoP)
    Playing time: Afternoons/Evenings
    Timezone: EST
    Which class/spec play: Holy Paladin (Current talent build is for leveling/solo content)
    Contact: PM on MMO-Champion
    Looking to break back into rated and/or casual PvP content; preferably rated battlegrounds.

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    LF1M skilled, experienced arena player. Me and a friend have 5 classes between us, all 120 and full mythic ready for the season. Between us we have Disc Priest, Resto Shaman, Hunter, Warlock, Rogue. We wanted to maximise the chance for a top tier setup while having fun on different classes.

    We're looking for any DPS player with high skill, since nobody knows the meta we're willing to try anything out. Though a Mage would be a big +

    Character name: Regretzz
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Twisting Nether
    Region: EU
    Highest ratting: 2.9k
    Playing time: Evenings/Weekends
    Timezone: EU
    Class/Spec: Disc Priest/ Resto Shaman
    Contact on Bnet: Regrets#2935

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