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    Character name: Drtydeeds
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Illidan
    Region: NA
    Highest rating: 2k (Legion Season 3)
    Playing time: Evenings/Weekends
    Timezone: EST
    Class/Spec: Warrior/Arms
    Item Level: 350
    Contact on Bnet: Drtydeeds#1660
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    Character name: Нурдин
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Howling Fjord
    Region: EU
    Highest rating: BFA exp 2.1k | Played up to 2.2k as DH in legion, up to 2.2k as frost mage in shatter with hpala, lifetime exp is up to 3k rating as arms warrior (WMP setup) didnt have serious attitude towards arena since that time cuz my ol teammates from BC quit. I believe I know all the basic positioning, offensive and defensive things, accept constructive criticism, just need serious teammates to play and improve together. Looking for chill and calm people, who are capable to self develop as players and teammates together. I am up for playing anything - 2's 3's, any setup, i am reroll friendly if it comes up to further progress of a team.
    Playing time: Evenings/Weekends
    Timezone: GMT +3
    Class/Spec: DH for now
    Item Level: 365
    Contact on Bnet: Murabawz#21367
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    Character's name: Ichiru
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Arthas
    Region: US
    Highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: Anything
    Current rating in the bracket you wish to play: 1600
    Your playing schedule: Currently available between 7:30 - 11 Most days except Tuesday and Thursday
    Timezone: Est
    Battle Tag: Ichiru#1518

    Currently looking for a group to push rating with that can have fun with. I also have quite a few friends that would love to do rbgs as well just none of us want to lead.

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    Character's name: SpirØ
    Faction: Alliance (I can change faction)
    Server: Ravencrest
    Region: EU
    Highest rating: 2.3k
    Current Rating: 2.2k
    Your playing schedule: Afternoon, Evenings
    Timezone: GMT +2
    Battle Tag: SpiRo#2888

    I just wanna play RBGs. This is literally the only thing that interests me in WoW. At the moment PVP situation is horrible, I can't find a group whole day so i am looking for a steady group to push 2.4+
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    ¡Hola! Les invito a formar parte de una comunidad de jugadores de habla hispana que gusten del PvP en la Horda, tanto Arenas, como RBGs. La idea es poder crear grupos y conocer gente apasionada por el PvP más fácilmente.

    Hay jugadores tanto de reinos latinos como de España, por lo que sin más, le invito:

    ¡Un abrazo!
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    Mar 2009
    EU Alliance Arena 3v3 - LF Healer

    We're currently playing BM/Ret/Healer. Looking for a healer - PuG'd to 1.8/1.9k, but would like to make an actual push.

    Your playing schedule: Weekday evenings
    Which timezone you live: GMT
    Which class/spec you are looking for: Disc Priest/ Resto Shaman, will consider any healer if capable
    Alternative ways to contact you: PM me for my battletag
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    380 Arms/Fury Warrior LF Horde Arena or RBGs - NA

    I have a good bit of experience in PvP, I'm just looking for solid, committed teammates to make an actual push in the waning days of this season for either RBGs or Arenas (and, hopefully, stay together to push in future seasons as well). I'm willing to put in the time, research, and effort to get better and I'm looking for teammates (and/or PvP mentors) that will do the same.

    I pushed over 1800 in MoP in 3's, but couldn't push higher due to teammates' IRL issues. As far as RBGs go, I haven't ever gotten a high rating, but I led a half-PUG group in Warlords Season 1 to over 1500 (while not really knowing how to lead an RBG group).

    I am currently right at the 1400 mark (mostly through PUGs) in 3's and at a very, very weak rating of about 600 in RBGs, though I've only been able to do YOLO groups this season (hence why I am making this post).

    I am typically available in the afternoon and evenings. I am in EST, but tend to have large blocks open to play late, so I've almost always grouped with PST players/guilds as the times usually worked better for me.

    One final note: I don't rage. Sure, I get upset by mechanics or somesuch every once in a while, but I don't yell at teammates when that happens. While I do, of course, enjoy winning much more, I accept that losses are part of life and PvP and try to learn from them.

    If this seems good to you, contact me on bnet by adding me: Ceejai#1849.

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    former glad&high warlord lf healer for 3's
    eu horde // terrordar
    were dk and dh
    would love to play some 3s, currently a bit undergeared cause we started a bit late into the expansion
    got exp up to 3k mmr
    need some green number generator for some chill arenas
    cr 0
    aimed rating ~2k

    shoot me a pm

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    Looking for an RBG team. I've never seriously done RBGs but I've been 2200+ in arena multiple seasons across multiple classes! I'm looking for a team with comparably skilled ACTIVE players!
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    Character Name: Zedru - Boomkin
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Barthilas
    Region: Oceanic
    Timezone: AEST (gmt+10)
    Play Schedule: Able to play most nights during the week

    Rating: Currently none, have experience around ~1500 in 2s
    Looking for: Healer (preference is Hpal/MW/Dpriest)

    Other: Friend and I are looking to get into 3v3 arena. Looking for a like minded individual who is keen, patient and open to learn along with us. We are both newbies when it comes to arena and as such there is no pressure if you yourself are inexperienced.

    Contact: Zed#1192

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    Jul 2010
    United Kingdom
    Character name: Reyal - Assassination
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Kazzak
    Timezone: BST
    Play Schedule: Varies due to work.

    Rating: 1400-1500
    Looking For: Some peeps to do PvP with that can also give constructive criticsm. I'm relatively new to BFA PvP; no real top notch arena experience.

    BTag: hulari#21213

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    2600xp Resto Druid

    Your character's name: Grattokk
    Your faction: Horde
    What server you play on: Tichondrius
    Region: NA
    Your armory: Won't let me post link -- Grattokk-Tichondrius
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: 2600
    Your current rating in the bracket you wish to play: 2200
    Your playing schedule: daily
    Which timezone you live: MDT
    Which class/spec you are looking for: Restoration Druid
    Your guilds name (in case of a guild recruiting here): N/A
    Alternative ways to contact you (Placing your e-mail here is not smart though): isaac#1809 on btag

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    Darkkor Shadow Priest
    North America
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play 2200
    Your current rating in the bracket you wish to play 1600-2000
    Pacific time
    Would like a consistent 3's team to push above 2k then 2.2 and an RBG team pushing to 2k+ I have been 2k on multiple toons in 2's 3's and RBG

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    May 2010
    Far, Far Away.
    Character Name: Ljósálfar (Holy Paladin)
    Faction: Horde (Blood Elf)
    Server: Emerald Dream
    Region: US
    Timezone: Eastern
    Play Schedule: Flexible (Both weekends and week nights are fairly open at the moment)

    Rating: Reached 1500 rating in Rated Battlegrounds (Mists of Pandaria through Warlords of Draenor)
    Looking for: A dedicated Rated Battleground team to join to reach 1800-200 rating.

    Contact: SilverFox#12609

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    Character name: Cheimerine
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Stormrage-US
    Region: North America
    Highest rating: 1800 (Paladin, Legion S7)
    Playing time: Daytime (10am-4pm PST), Sunday through Thursday.
    Timezone: PST (GMT-8; Server-3)
    Class/Spec: Death Knight - Frost
    Item Level: 449
    Contact on Bnet: Sovngarde#1313

    I'm really just looking to get enough rating to get the Conflict and Strife essence (finally). 1600 rating is plenty to get it in only three weeks.
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    LF Rated BGs group or community

    I'm a warrior main on EU alliance. I started playing WOW pretty much in BFA and I have been mainly raiding. My only PVP experience is the arenas and BGS I did for blood and Conflict&Strife. However, I want to get into PVP and I am looking for a group or community for that.
    [*]Threatgen[*]Alliance[*]EmeraldDream[*]EU[*]CUrrently 1500ish from doing essences stuff[*]Pretty much free till Shadowlands, and then occupied on thrusday, monday and tuesday 20:30-23:30 for raids[*]+3:00GMT[*]Currently Warrior(fury/arms), planning on warlock in future[*]Btag: Artorias#21908

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    Hello guys, I'm looking for a arena mate. Europe.

    I am elemental shaman, playing on Alianze. I'm currently 2400 rating, a little bit more.

    I play on Dun Modr and my name is Rarecandy. Rarecandy-DunModr

    I search healer, pref discipline or Hpala, but I can adapt.

    I hope you write to me in game. See ya!
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    I`m looking for a RBG team so i can finally get at least 1800 rating and get the god damn transmog, during Shadowlands hopefully, not sure if i`ll main ret paladin or warrior yet though

    Your character's name: Holyispro
    Your faction: Horde
    What server you play on: Kazzak
    Region: EU
    Your armory:
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: 1700 RBG rating in 2011. 1600 RBG rating in 2017
    Your current rating in the bracket you wish to play: 0
    Your playing schedule: Avaliable after 17.00 servertime almost any day
    Which timezone you live: GMT+1
    Alternative ways to contact you: bnet tag Scifix#2913

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    Keyboard Turner Arfanta's Avatar
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    Jul 2019
    Faction: Horde
    Region: EU
    Highest rating: 2k (BFA S3-4)
    Playing time: Evenings/Weekends
    Timezone: CET
    Class/Spec: Warrior/Arms
    Item Level: 210
    Bnet: Don#23825
    Lang: IT/ENG/FR

    Hei, would like really much to find team mates to play with. Would like to push and enjoy

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