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    Your character's name: Uníson
    Which faction: Horde all day
    What server you play on: Mal'Ganis
    Region: US
    Your armory: Uníson (Can't post links, GG). Copy and paste the name.
    Your playing schedule: Every day
    Which timezone you live: PST - Cali baby
    Battletag: Joe#11766

    Looking for skilled players to push 2.2 + before or during 5.4, 2.1k CR/Experience in Arena and RBG's hit me up!
    Edit: Can play both Balance and Resto well!

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    The Lightbringer Ultima's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    EU - Alliance

    Team: I play Disc Priest, MW Monk and Resto Druid. My friend plays Ret and Arms. We're looking for players to match.

    Experience: Played both roles since TBC. We're looking for a class/ player that will actually fit well with us. We both know what we're doing and what other classes are doing. I think we ended the season with 19XX in 2s and 3s, didn't really play any games since my last post here. Hopefully cross-realm arena will make it easier to find people.

    We're both from London, use Skype and are basically on daily (both working 9-5 GMT). Being IRL friends, we don't needlessly argue and are very unlikely to simply disband.

    Message me on the forum if you're interested and we can get talking on Skype.

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    I'm a 2300 Unholy DK LF 3s next season on alliance side EU. I play on Argent Dawn EU(not like it matters with crossrealm arena)

    I am online pretty much every day and I am very interested in trying out double DK + Hpala or double DK+resto shaman.

    So if you're a DK/Hpala/Rshaman with ~2,2k+ experience drop me a PM and we can discuss anything further.

    My armory:

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    soulecism - Arms Warrior
    armory in sig
    1900 2's looking for resto shaman or druid pref sham.
    also looking for 3's team although i have much less exp.
    available afternoons pretty flexible
    I live in Mountain time zone

    trying to get serious i'd like to break 2k in 2's and 3's this season.

    realid= madcat#1283

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    mostly florida
    download oQueue and find arena partners using it's x-realm mesh network.

    currently, it's 7pm EST and i see 146 premades running:

    - 27 arena teams
    - 19 regular bg groups
    - 5 dungeon groups
    - 5 quest groups
    - 15 rbgs teams
    - 56 raids
    - 19 scenarios

    these groups can be created by anyone and allow you to choose who you invite.
    there are stats on people that wait list as well as a ban list capability if someone gets out of hand.
    there is also a karma system for the raging turds

    if you need more help, we have a vent set up ( : 4135 ) with 100+ rooms supporting 400-600 nightly (447 right now)

    my nickname is 'tiny' and i'm the author of oQueue. if you need assistance or have a suggestion, i'm usually on vent.

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    Hello guys, Im looking for a RBG team for raiting push, my goal is 2,2k+ I guess. I use TS3, I got a ts server as well if needed.
    Here is my Armory link-
    Char name: Skräckful Affly/demo lock. Full tyran + all dem trinkets. Got Grevious aswell
    Char name: Phatzy Frost/blood Full tyran- 2x Grevious and a 85 trinket (I use it for burst only)
    Realm: Stormscale, horde.
    Highest arena (2's 1900cr(3's 1800mmr 1720cr, played Shadowcleave(5's played like 2 games at low raiting for fun)

    Battletag: Grytlock#2763

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    Currently available whenever (laid off)
    I live in CST
    Assassination Rogue
    Btag - Sicarius#1951 (please add a note as to why youre adding me so I know. Chances are Ill forget i post here lol)

    Other things that are note worthy. I can FC. I have a full tyrannical tanking set dedicated to FCing.
    Intel i9 9900K @ 5GHz | Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 @ 3600MHz 2x8GB | Asus Maximus XI Z390 | Asus RTX 2080 OC | Corsair HX850 Platinum | Corsair H150i Pro CPU cooler | Acer Predator 32" 2560x1440 170MHz | Samsung 960 EVO 250GB m.2 NVMe SSD | Samsung 970 EVO 1TB m.2 NVMe SSD | Corsair K70 Rapidfire Keyboard | Corsair VOID Wireless RGB Headphones | Corsair Crystal Series 570x RGB Case | Logitech G604 | Windows 10 Professional x64
    My Youtube Channel

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    High Overlord sharam's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    tempe, az
    available anytime
    I live in Mtn
    Frost Dk (can FC if need be)
    b-tag is valetheion19#1576 (just let me know what the request is for i may forget lol) the alt code is my toons name is alt+133
    looking to push high mmr's, want to get to 2400+ if possible, can TC as well.
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    Name: Mikolas
    Region: U.S.
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Illidan

    Battle Tag: BarrelODeath#1696

    Class/Spec: Frost Dk at the moment,(About to start working on Uh as well) with experience Target calling and leading pugs to around 18/1900, want to get more competitive and play with a regular group of people, play most days starting around 6-8 central time, and on weekends earlier. I play with a destro/afflic warlock as well, we are both competent players, willing to listen and coordinate with a group!!!
    Last edited by Mikolas; 2013-10-09 at 04:57 PM.

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    Rinzlêr - DK (unholy) ALLIANCE U.S. Korgath

    2100 cr RBG's
    2k cr 3v3

    Looking for teams mail me on MMO with your info comp / cr etc < Armory
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    Region: EU
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Doesn't matter know, yay!
    Looking for: A warlock for 3v3
    Short info: Warrior and Shaman, both 2.3 exped, looking for 2k+ exped warlock. We're two good, irl friends, having fun and wanting to achieve some high ratings. We need someone who's fun when waiting in queue and serious when it comes to the arena! Someone who's willing to improve with us as our goal is to achieve 2400 rating this season.

    Yay, peace out! Catch me on bTag: woof#2857

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    Your character's name: Stealth
    Which faction: Alliance
    What server you play on: Arthas
    Region: US
    Your armory:
    Your playing schedule: Mostly Nights
    Which timezone you live: GMT - Canada
    Battletag: Natthviske#1609
    Info: Looking to play some 2's for fun, 1900+ exp, 1650 CR. Preferably double dps

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    Name: Zaar / Rothgar
    Class/Spec: Arms Warrior / Assassination Rogue (Maybe Sub after few more Griev and lots of practice)
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Spinebreaker
    Region: EU

    Experience: Came back to the game a month ago after 2,5years. Any Arena experience I have is back in Season 2 and a lot has changed since then (I think I got to around 1800-1900, but it was with a uber priest and lock (Hi Zau and Nulo :P) and like I said, it was much different then).
    I got a hang of the warrior again and been playing RBGs for few days now so I wanted to try Arena (again).

    Looking for: 3vs3, perhaps even 5vs5 with mandatory TS.

    Contact: PM here or send a message to #Zaar2570

    Disclaimer: Basically looking for nice people, casual and fun atmosphere, willing to learn and being able to focus during games. Discussion between games always welcomed. So kinda casual fun outside of game, focused and willing to learn. I don't mind losing and getting no rating, so to speak, as long as we're talking, discussing, learning and practicing.
    I want to believe I'm able to compete on high(er) ratings, but I really have no idea where I stand (in Arena), so want to give it a go.
    Since my server is basically dead (1% HP and falling ), I'm expecting to find a team through oQueue add-on.
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    - Oatsfuku
    - Horde
    - Frostmourne (oceanic/us)
    - Australia (GMT+10)
    - just armory oatsfuku (unable to post link) - might race change along with name change if I do will update post
    - 2450 2v2 exp
    - 2480 3v3 exp
    - note *arena exp on my other characters can provide armory*
    - rarely played 5v5 but 2kish exp there
    - Warrior arms obvs
    - Looking mainly for and active competent RBG Team possibly arena partners if things click
    -btag streetfightr#1384

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    Region - US
    Faction - Horde
    Name - Torotornot
    Server - Mal'Ganis (recent xfer from Azgalor)
    Class - Warlock
    Spec - Destruction
    Preferred play time - 9pm-12am ET
    Armory - would link, but is currently messed up from server xfer (Currently maxed out on grievous gear for season)
    Looking for - RBGs mostly, and possible 3s/5s team. Have 2k exp in 2s, 1600 in 3s, (haven't played 5s unfortunately), 1700 in RBGs and growing fast. 30k HK's.

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    Your character's name: Shaithan (Affliction Warlock)
    Which faction: Alliance
    What server you play on: Sargeras
    Region: US
    Your armory:
    Your playing schedule: Fri/Sat/Sun
    Which timezone you live: EST
    Contact: Shahad#1857 or PM

    Currently 1606 RBGs, want to push 2k minimum this season in RBGs. Not interested in arenas.
    Shahaad , Kevkul
    <Magdalena's pet>

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    Hello, I'm looking for a stable team for rated battlegrounds. Here's some information about me:

    Character's name: Memory
    Class/spec: Holy Paladin
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Darkspear
    Region: EU
    Highest rating in the bracket: I never played Rated Battlegrounds before. I had 2195 rating in season 2 5vs5, though, and similar rating in season 3 and 4.
    Current rating in the bracket: my current RBG rating is 1490, been only pugging with oQueue :P
    Playing schedule: every evening after 19.00 roughly.
    Timezone: CET
    Contact info: PM here or in-game.

    I have experience with 5vs5 at high ratings during BC and WotLK. I also have extensive 2vs2 experience although I usually wouldn't get much past 1.8k, as I was mostly playing Holy Paladin / Enhancement Shaman setup with a friend of mine, which wasn't the best composition, especially during season 3 and 4 Druid/Warrior outspring... I have 2.2k experience as Retribution / Mage, first WotLK season, which wasn't really a test of skill (it was the season of arcane mages, before they got nerfed).

    I've been in (and led) a PvE hardcore guild, I believe it was around world top 200 at its best during WotLK, so I know what team work and communication are about (beside 5vs5).

    I have played and I can play my character fully: all specs and all kind of PvP and PvE situations, but I intend to play Holy because it's the spec I enjoy the most for PvP.
    I play WoW since September 2006, but I have been mostly inactive after May 2011. My paladin has been my main since March 2007.
    Last edited by Memory; 2013-11-04 at 12:19 PM.

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    Myself natixsphere and my glad mage friend are LF a 2400+ Exp Rsham for 3s. We are both on Bleeding Hallow and have two seasons exp playing with each other! If anyone is interested please add my real id and whisper me! Happyhour#1469

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    Hey guys, I'm looking for people to PVP with...

    Battletag: Chedd#2573

    IGN: Fés

    Class/Spec: Mage/Frost

    PM me in game if anyone is up for some casual pvp, with/without others!

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    Character's name: Jedahlol
    Class/spec: Frost Mage
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Arthas
    Region: US
    Highest rating in the bracket: 2400 +
    Current rating in the bracket:
    Timezone: US east
    Contact info: PM here or in-game.
    RL ID : Jedah#1617

    Looking for Arena Player's for 2s and 3s coolheaded down to earth and looking to laugh and have fun while looking to get better and improve to push for high ratings PST me in game or Here. Played Priest Before up to 2400+ rating just started playing a Mage working hard and improving my skills.

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