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    The Burning Crusade, High Elves, Draenei and like ilk.

    *This is not an "I want these races thread", of that I promise you*

    There has been a number of ideas regarding upcoming expansions, new races and factions. Because of this, I thought on something that had bugged me extremely so at the time, and even after retiring my account mid Cataclysm, I still seem to be pondering it. Please keep in mind that the following will and should be looked at through the eyes of a World of Warcraft player during on the verge of, when new races are just being introduced. The thought is this:

    Would it not have made more sense, for the two races upon release of The Burning Crusade to be Quel'dorei (Alliance) and Ogres (Horde) and have the Draenei (Alliance) come later in time to replace Worgen?

    Quel'dorei (Alliance) and Ogres (Horde)

    Quel'dorei: The first point that must be made is that the Sin' (Blood) and Quel' (High) dorei (Elves) are virtually the same race and are cousins to the Kaldorei (Night Elves). The reason that Blood and High Elves are differentiated is two-fold in the present time. The first being that they are descendants or survivors of the citizens of Silvermoon who were attacked by Arthas's Scourge. The second being they were turned to dark measures of siphoning mana via collaboration of Kael'thas and Illidan. However, in the present time Blood Elves no longer use demons, Naaru or fey-wild to feed their hunger, ergo, Blood Elves only remain separate from High Elves in name and affiliation with the Horde. Finally; although the lack of High Elves in Azeroth, is apparent, it is also worth noting that The Darkspear have similarly few numbers lore-wise and maintain a fervent role in the Horde.

    Because of this, I believe that a united High and Blood elf race could be completely achievable and sadly was not realized. As well, it is definitely worth noting that not a single major settlement in Outland is maintained by Horde aligned Blood Elves, they hold a few scattered outposts, but nothing which can compete with what the High Elves founded: Sylvanaar and Allerian Stronghold. If Blood Elves and High Elves were united coming into TBC, there certainly would have been a more concentrated population and therefore a stronger sub-faction of the Alliance in Outland.

    Ogres: Though slow, both mentally and physically, Ogres have had a place and still maintain one within the Horde. Since the inception of Warcraft, Ogres have been a fledged member of the Horde, all that has changed is the clan names and population. TBC was quite pivotal in the story of Ogres, Mok'Nathal and to be quite frank, the lack of follow through for Rexxar's story is heartbreaking. However, with an entire zone (Blade's Edge) being devoted to Ogres, there is a clear relationship between Draenor and Ogres, not to mention it being their home-world. As well, similarly I believe that long ago in 2005 there was talk of altering most of Dustwallow Marsh into a starting area, an idea that was scrapped and later followed through with the Goblin's in Azshara.

    Ogres have had a place in the hearts of Orcs for generations, sub-species have even been created due to lifetimes of close living relationships. As well, many major Horde or Ogre outposts have an Ogre population present, not including Azeroth and the Stonemaul, there is Mok'Nathal Village, Thunderlord Hold and Stonebreaker Hold. Ogres are one of many races that call Draenor home and because of this, there is a dire connection between Ogres and the Red World, the attachments are apparent and were absolutely underrepresented within TBC.

    "Draenei": First and foremost it is crucial to acknowledge that the playable Draenei in World of Warcraft are not inhabitants of Draenor the ones in game were originally so, but are now located in the Exodar, although Blizzard fudged a decent amount of lore to make their appearance in a dimensional ship possible, there are numerous contradictions regarding them. However, the Broken and Lost Ones are inhabitants of Draenor. Because of this, the Kurenai and countless other devolved Draenei such as Akama would have no change of affiliation. if the current playable Draenei were never introduced.

    With the High Elves and Ogres with their proper factions, an air of Warcraft 2 is certainly made clear, something that Blizzard had attempted to achieve thematically with The Burning Crusade.

    Draenei (Alliance)

    Draenei: The Draenei as we know them, crash landed on Azeroth, and helped the Alliance out of necessity rather than kindness. Regardless of what relationship has been cultivated, there was little to no intention of Velen to aid any Azerothian people. Although bonds were formed, due to proximity and racial tension with the Orcs, these are frivolous matters in terms of primary intentions. I am certain that the Draenei making an appearance when the Alliance most needs friends makes far more sense for not only the Draenei but members of the Alliance. Stories of High Elven-Draenei relations could be cited, and certainly with advanced technology and arcane wisdom, the Draenei would fit in smittenly with the Alliance, all I suggest for this, would be a change of expansion, time and place for the Draenei. They can maintain their "crashed ship" introduction to Azeroth, and thankfully would have replaced the Worgen.

    Please; post your thoughts, comments, keep it respectful and I appreciate your time in reading this.
    *Note that these are just ideas, with absolutely no possibility of becoming a reality, I acknowledge that but felt a decent discussion could be had.
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    Well, your poll seems to not even consider the idea that someone might disagree...

    Also, you thankfully want to get rid of my wonderful, marvelous Worgen rogue? F- you.

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    Draenei would've never crashed if not for Blood Elves sabotaging their ship. Draenei only existed to give the Blood Elf story a working plotline. Pandaren were the slated Alliance race for BC, High Elves arguably have the same numbers it not more than the Darkspear. Blood Elves were only in the Horde to get to Outland as per Kael'thas' instructions. Draenei should've always looked like broken with Eredar being the purest form. Worgen are a better addition to the game as a playable race than the Draenei since their origins are druidic with a largely blank slate to build upon, and not a random injection into the story involving a massive retcon and nothing else since purifying the Sunwell.

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    What hitandruntactic said. I hate it when people always say that the draenei were incapable of flying their ship. The Blood elves sabotaged the ship.

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    Velen didn't appoint bad pilots. Fellow was smart. And on-topic, I'm likely the only one who really doesn't care for High Elves being playable. Lor'themar's already far, far too forgiving of Jaina and Vereesa slaughtering unarmed combatants and flinging those left-over into the dungeons to rot.

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    I think it would have been interesting if the Sin'dorei had been a neutral faction like the pandaren.

    A cohort of elves decided to abandon Kael'thas because he is obviously insane. But those that resent the betrayal of the northern alliance are persuaded by Sylvanas to Join the Horde as 'Sin'dorei', and those who consider the Horde to be their enemies prefer to join the southern alliance as 'quel'dorei'. that makes sense, and since the two part ways, they decide never to talk to eachother again.

    Then Orges and Draenei could have be non-neutral groups. Ogres to the Horde (as per tradition) and Draenei to the Alliance (and i prefer the Eredar looking draenei to the broken/lost one models). I admit that saying the Draenei were originally the Eredar was a complete ass-pull. But it was a GOOD ass-pull.

    I see no problem with adding THREE races in TBC
    Worgen are a nice fit in the Alliance, and Goblins are also traditional members of the Horde so the Cataclysm races are as they should be IMO.
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