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    The trials of a 10 man feral.

    Okay, to start with I hope this is in the correct spot. Anyways, I have been a druid for a long time. primarily pidgeon-holed into healing since my old main was a Priest who healed. I also play on a small realm, according to Wowprogress.com, our realm has less then 4k active players these days. So anyways, during Dragon Soul, I attempted to move to feral, I was simply burned out on healing and wanted to do something different. Was nearly always at the top of the dps charts, yet was simply regulated back to well we got a rogue. That has been the story of my time attempting to raid feral. Just recently we had a older guild who was attempting to rebuild holding a pug for ToT. I joined hoping you know show my stuff, get a raiding spot as feral. Results went, I was second on dps chart behind a lock, at 146k dps (499 Ilvl, no rune) and well ahead of a rogue. Well, I was offered a spot, but as a healer... Since they didn't want two dps after the same gear, even though there was a dps dk/paladin/ and tank paladin who uses haste gear also... But anyways. My question is for the other ferals around, does the larger realms provide a better chance for feral raiding, or is it just the same story on them? That most people are in the belief that ferals are not worth bringing (yes I know smoke screen is a lovely raid reduction cd that I don't have a real answer for.)
    The cheaper transfer fees are up and I am really considering it, just don't honestly know a ton about the larger realms and their raid comps. I hope that with more guilds recruiting there would be more chances, but just curious if that also just simply means, more damned rogues regardless if they suck or not getting the spot, since ferals have a bad raiding reputation.

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    Choose a guild, not realm.
    Apply to a guild that you think may suite you well. Its not hard to find hardcore-semihardcore guild looking for a good feral.

    Feral in 10man is not bad, you can be a decent offtank. But it is significantly easier to play cat in 25man environment, where you can actually play cat, not some sort of a hybrid doing random stuff. If you want to seriously raid as a cat - apply to a decent 25man guild and transfer to a corresponding realm. It is really not that important if this realm is of low or high population as long as your guild is at least in the top500 world guilds.

    Find a guild --> apply --> wait to be accepted --> do a transfer.

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    Above is good advice, but if your trial fails for whatever reason (and there can be many reasons) then its a lost 20 EUR. A realm with good community, medium-high pop should be preferred.
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    Quote Originally Posted by traen View Post
    Choose a guild, not realm.
    I'd advise against doing one and not the other. I've been duped myself, applying and being accepted by a guild that described itself as progressive (6/7 FL pre-nerf, 7/7 Post), then struggling with clearing DS for 3 weeks and H-Morchok. The realm was otherwise dead and I was stuck on a crappy realm.

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    It seems that you have made a name for yourself as a healer. That isn't a bad thing, being good at something and well known for it. What might work is moving to a more popular realm that doesn't know you, and only raiding as feral. It isn't hard finding a raid that needs a leather wearing DPS. Yes, there are rogues and WW monks, but a well played Feral is comparable or better than they are. I have been raiding as a Feral, both bear and kitty when that was our thing, for 3 expacs. For the past two my guild has needed me as a tank with a DPS OS for the first tier, then moved me into the dps with a tank OS from then on as we found tanks. Make your expectations known that you want to DPS as a kitty and not heal main, but that you can heal when it is required. Be firm that you are a kitty and not a goram tree.

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    You have to do research beyond what guild's may advertise. There are a lot of resources and world logs you can look at especially the guild's that show interest in you and vic-versa. So long you feel comfortable with how well they are doing, you shouldn't get screwed over.

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    I've personally never had a problem in terms of guilds with ferals, sounds like you've gotten the short end of the stick here. I'd say pick a realm and then find a guild you would like on that realm. Feral is in a pretty good spot right now if played correctly, i'd also look at getting yourself a tank or healer offspec (if you don't have one already). I know you said you are burnt out as a healer, but some guilds may want a DPS with a healer offspec (for those emergency situations where a healer doesn't show or can't sign up for a raid). That's how it is in my guild anyway. I try to be as much use as I can.

    But yeah, as other people said, when applying to a guild remember you have to make yourself look attractive to them, but also check to make sure they're actually doing what they say they are, check out their WOL's and make sure they're clearing how much they say they are, and that their roster is small enough for you to actually get a raid spot (some 10man guilds have a really large roster for some reason, which means sometimes you might only get one-two raids a week, try and avoid these.)
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    go to wow progess look for a well pop server and see if any raids want a feral cat. And feral cat in 10m is very viable so dont go with stuff like yes you can be the offtank. If you are fine with tanking a lookout cause the other couldnt make it but no problem in taking a cat into 10m.

    I changed pre mop to a larger realm, its worht it, having about 20-30 guilds atleast that are 1/13 right now and alot with less really makes it easier to find one. From my point of view changing the server is the only reason im still playing and raiding. IF you find a good guild on a good server you can go there cause even if you dont like it you can apply to other guilds. maybe even 25m. Or pug 1-2 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theostrichsays View Post
    Well, I was offered a spot, but as a healer... Since they didn't want two dps after the same gear
    This is probably a common issue in 10s. Blizzard seems to want Rogues to be more desirable in every regard than Feral and Windwalker so they are guaranteed a spot. However they are so much more desirable that if you do take a second class that uses the same gear it may as well be another Rogue.

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    If you don't want to heal, then don't. Yeah, Rogues have perks, but they can't heal the raid during crunch times, step in to tank for a few seconds, or give the tanks an extra personal defensive cooldown. There are always good reasons to bring a Druid that knows what he's doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarazet View Post
    If you don't want to heal, then don't. Yeah, Rogues have perks, but they can't heal the raid during crunch times, step in to tank for a few seconds, or give the tanks an extra personal defensive cooldown. There are always good reasons to bring a Druid that knows what he's doing.
    Current Heroic design favors smoke bomb over all of that and Rogues bring a lot more than just smoke bomb. Not to rant against Rogues but since they use the same gear that is who he will be competing against for a raid slot.

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    its perfectly viable to raid as a cat in 10s, and only as a cat. Sure you can have a tanking offspec, but so can every dps warrior/pala/monk and they don't use that as justification for a raid spot. If you want to play cat, play cat, and there are plenty of guilds, both 10 and 25 that will be able to use you as part of the team if you are wiling to server transfer. Don't focus on what other specs/classes bring, focus on what you bring and make sure that given a chance/trial you will be showcaseing what a feral brings, and not relying on shifting spec to guardian if that isnt something you want to do.

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    See if the guild you want to apply to will let you run some 5.0 content with them, if they still do it that is, as you can join through realid, save you having to spend the money if it doesn't work out and the guild can see what you are like in a raid.

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    I would absolutely take advantage of the transfer sale and transfer to the highest pop server you can find that is open. You can sort the rest out later but I don't think there is any doubt that a transfer to the right server will be a huge help. I'd love to hear back on how it goes.

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    I personally think traen is correct when he said find a guild first. The selection process for that guild though should definitely include the pop and ratio. As everyone else here hast stated, there is no reason for a guild NOT to bring a feral. We do have great versatility. We have a great raid CD in Tranq. We offer a tank CD via Sym. Someone said it earlier, try not to focus on what other classes can bring. Try to focus on what you can bring to a raid.
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