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    How do you choose your race?

    I was curious how you all choose your toon's race? I thought I would be into leveling a Troll but unfortunately I didn't feel it. I mean, I am a huge fan of Vol'jin...but the voices acting, and homeland didn't do it for me. I am thinking trying a dwarf to see if that is a better fit for me. Any advice or recommendations on a race/starting area

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    looks, lore, and culture.
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    I like things that look good, and wears armor well. So blood elf females mostly, taurens for plate and leather.

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    Thanks. Me too. I think Dwarf is probably the way to go. The only downside is that the gear looks a bit tiny on them. But lore, looks, etc are very solid

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    usually i think of a name and work around that , what it feels like most.

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    Unfortunately I pick a race based on the best racials and I'm stuck on the Alliance side because of my guild but otherwise I'd go for human since I feel that transmogrification works better with them.

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    Undead because undead. Really nothing more to be said beyond that.
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    Starting zone quality and whether the class/race combo makes sense for the class I want to play.
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    Mainly the lore. I loved the Trolls in the Warcraft universe, especially in WC3, so Troll was an obvious choice.
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    My boyfriend was horde so I went horde. I didn't know anything about Warcraft and chose to be a belf bc they weren't ugly. Yep that was it, shallow I know but I didn't know anything about the game and didn't think I would get hooked.

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    Looks mostly. I have an alt of every race, except ofc for pandaren.
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    Whichever offers the most DPS for my class, I feel gimped otherwise. :\ Only thing I truly dislike in the game because I'm unable to shake that "I'm not playing to my full potential" feeling.

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    Lore, hell how they wear different tiers I use for transmogrifying.. Nostalgia and that they are not dwarves

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    in old times i was changing race to get most of dps/raid proffits.

    Now when im playing from time to time - i just tak what looks nice and i feel class+race mix

    but when i will go back to raiding - again what race will get me best on raid

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    Orc and Human. Orc because of lore, culture, and they look awesome in most gear that isn't cloth. Human because of lore, culture, elwynn forest, westfall, redridge, and they look the best in most gear.

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    Aesthetics. As far as roleplay, I really can't RP much more than humans. I have a Pandaren and a Gnome who I RP with a little bit, but I can't "get into" them for long.

    For what it's worth, here's my lineup (all females):

    Pandaren Monk
    Worgen Rogue
    Human Death Knight
    Human Warlock
    Worgen Druid
    Gnome Priest
    Dwarf Paladin
    Human Mage
    Human Hunter
    Draenei Shaman
    Draenei Warrior
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    Animations and looks count mostly for me

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    Looks only, I don't really care for the lore behind a race to be honest.

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    I tend to pick something I don't already have yet, and tend to stay fairly even on males to females.

    I miss when i was able to have male female of each race on one server for a single faction...
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