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    mostly looks & lore reasons; I have two characters

    -Tauren female Shaman...I just really love their casting animation, male are way too bulky and ugly.

    -Human female Paladin...I am a big fan of the whole Argent Dawn lore.

    I always liked the Shaman/Paladin aspect in the game and how they sometimes have similar spells but with different effects: Totems vs. Blessings, etc.
    So my Shaman is Horde, my Paladin Alliance

    Strangly enough, I only choose vanilla races to play. I don't like the newer races, they destroy my personal 'wow-core-feeling'

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    me at least. At first with my hunter i just picked orc because i felt like it. That and most of the alliance all looked the same, death knight i picked troll because I havent seen many dk trolls in lore or in game by players "trolls are bad ass". Undead warlock is mainly to play as the evil a hole.

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    I joined during Vanilla.

    I didn't want to play a drooling they entire horde was out.

    I wanted to use a bow and found dwarves unappealing.

    Night Elf was really the only choice.

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    On looks, and casting animations. Also, if it suits the role I wanted to play.
    Per example, tank classes for me should be bulkier.
    For healers and casters I mostly pick thinner races, because they train more in the magical arts, and not so much in physical prowess.

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    Hey not all hordies droll back in vanilla. Undead and trolls maybe but not all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ztroller21 View Post
    Hey not all hordies droll back in vanilla. Undead and trolls maybe but not all of them.
    From my point of view Undead, Trolls, Orcs, Tauren all fit my image of Drooling monsters. So I had/have no desire to play one.

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    I loved lordaeron in WC3, the lore, the beautiful capital and I tend to be human in most games.

    I also like the Lich King. I have two 90s, a Human DK and a Forsaken DK.

    #yolo is for the mortals.

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    First I click Dwarf, then I click female
    (if I'm rolling Horde, switch out Dwarf with Tauren)
    Ewok Sith Lords are all about Agility

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    Couldn't care less for lore, racials etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Kisu- View Post
    Mainly just picked what I liked the look of and what I felt matched the class I wanted to play.
    for some reason i thought warrior was the only one when i started(in vanilla) so did several warriors.. got an undead to like 6 then a tauren to 16 and stuck with the tauren even tho i had planned to be orc just "wanted to see" the other race's abit
    and then the hunter became orc because they are just the most awsome..

    kept hearing taurens talking about the earthmother so made a tauren druid called earthfather, for whatever reason there was, think it was something about people buggin me saying "hey you'r a warrior why aren't u tank, mon?"
    so when TBC came around i made a orc rogue(my first 70)
    made a pala just to try it since horde recently got it (belf obviously) (this pala was my first 80)

    did a mage just to try one aswell and since it was only undead, troll, belf, he became undead,
    saw a orc shaman in slave pens once called "thráll" and just thought "awsome =o" so i also made a orc shaman but named it "thréll" (dont think it was because of the actual thrall lore character but for that thráll)
    then wotlk came around and i made myself an orc DK, but.. then i looked at the char list and was like.. dafuq i have like 4 orcs alrdy and no troll =O deleted and made a troll DK xD, (wich has been my main since then)
    have no real story bout the warlock and priest.. not really sure even when i made those 2
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    A mix of racials and looks.

    I've been remaking my stable of alts on a new server after transferring, and I've found that I mostly roll Draenei males and females. I have a male Draenei Monk who wears the EPL leather chest/legs for transmog and he looks amazing. Female Draenei Shaman because my old Shaman was a male Draenei and I wanted to change things up. It could be better since she doesn't look exactly adept with the weapons she swings around, but dat waggle makes up for everything.

    I'm also not ashamed to admit that I adore the female Pandaren model. I uh *cough* like women that aren't skin and bones, and the female Pandaren have cute animations. They also have the best racial Alliance-side so it's either the derpy looking male or the cute female model. The usual reason I don't roll a FemPanda for every character is because the starting zone takes too long.
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    I like to have all races and all classes, so I have to balance out what races I like with what classes they can actually play

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    Can the class I want to be be a tauren? Tauren.

    It can't be a tauren? Troll.

    It can't be a troll or a tauren? What game am I playing!?

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    Depends what I'm doing I do take racials into account. That and looks. I can't get over Tauren looking stupid and a few races just grind me like Goblins and Gnomes. I tend to stick to Human, Blood Elf, Troll, Orc and Worgen at a push.
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    I chose undead for every class that can be undead, just because they are awesome.

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    I chose mainly from casting/melee animations, don't really know much about the lore so can't chose from there.

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    Easy i wanted the race that best showed off gear


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    Dat ass
    and dem blue twin ponytails

    no, i pick my race out of what i think would suit that class
    i.e my rogue is a male goblin
    while my hunter(s) are Draenei(female) & Nightelf(female) (and a goblin(female) because goblin masterrace) fuck now it sounds like im pro goblin)
    Human male DK
    Worgen Male druid
    etc etc

    Draenei DK or Undead priests are still a No-go in my mind
    havent touched panda yet. dont like 'em

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    Well I have one of every race and every class, and tried to spread them out so I matched the races to classes in a sensible way.
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    chose Nelf back in 2005 because between the 2 alliance hunter races it was the best looking, then switched to draenei because of boobies and Gift of the Naaru (which was a HUGE plus for soloing hunters, spirit bond was kinda bad by itself to stay alive)
    i'll probably go human as soon as i see race-changing sales because of bonus on rep gain and trinket, also armors are looking much better when there isn't a huge butt and a tail behind
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