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    My first toon I have created on Blizzard's live realm was undead rogue because of Grim, who had celebrity status back then because of his movies.
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    Chose gnome mage originally for racials in Classic, practically all the others were just based on looks with the exception of 'my' warrior which I race changed to tauren for the HP racial before I decided I wasn't going to switch to horde after all, and so changed it to a dwarf for stoneform.

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    Draenei, because the other alliance races that can be paladins look awful and I don't like playing horde. Appearance and lore are pretty much main way I choose, screw the fact that my racials are complete shit.
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    First, I stay away from the races I dislike (Orcs, Tauren and Night Elves, don't ask why). When I want to roll a character, I think of what would be the most confusing and non-fitting race for that class. Therefore, I have a healing Forsaken Monk (a dead martial arts badass throwing fog and people), a tanking Gnome Warrior etc.
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    Looks mainly. Night elf female prot warrior is amazing. I love their monk animations too. As far as RP its always male blood elf prot pally. Something about one in full CM gold gear makes me nerdgazm especially if wearing crusader or light of dawn or even better, grand crusader

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    I usually get an idea for a character, think of a basic storyline for him / her and run with. Though I never seem to get to Outland because I'm just so over levelling. I do of course look for whatever looks good in a particular type of gear but its never really a big part of my choice, I much prefer something I can write a story around.

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    Diversity. I have one of every class and at least one of every Alliance race. Still have my first character which was a Troll Hunter, though.
    2 Humans
    2 Draenei
    1 Gnome
    1 Dwarf
    1 Night Elf
    1 Worgen
    1 Pandaren
    1 Troll
    Really, I just like having unique characters to play as. Playing only one race gets really boring.
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    Looks before everything. If I don't like the way my toon looks there is no way I can drum up the motivation to do anything with it.

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    By the looks so I play only as Blood Elves/Undead and Draenei/Human.

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    I always choose elfs (night elfs or blood elfs) because I like the elf archers in warcraft 3

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    I choose on whatever race i prefer the most. This is mostly dwarf or draenei

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    If i choose horde side then i would go for tauren or troll!

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    Definately going by looks and how they wear armor

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    I just go by whatever I will enjoy looking at the most and think is the coolest.

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    Looks and lore.

    Blood elf female,night elf female and troll male.

    Both elves look very good and have good lore and the troll looks to cool to skip,so ofc i had to have one.

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    For me it was 99% looks, 0,5% racial abilities, 0,5% lore! I chose human :< (Original i know).

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    I choose my race by whatever race gives the best racials for a certain class. Min maxing power gamer!

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    racial and cuteness. pandas have both so i am veryy happy!

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    First I was Orc based off looks then I went troll for DPS increase and looks. Troll is master race.

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    I try as much as possible to be diverse when making characters, but my inner hipster always makes me go either female Dwarf or male Draenei, just because they're fairly uncommon on my server. Either that, or male Blood Elves, but that's just because of the voice actor. Oh Kratos...

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    Male Bloodelf monk, I wanted to play on the Horde side but at the same time look human/nearly human, and i look fabulous

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