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    Resto Advice

    Hi there

    this is me atm :

    i have 1750 valor, im thinking trinket or belt, is the trinket really good, or should i just go for the belt?

    please ignore my gems/reforge/enchants or lack of i'm waiting to spend this valor before sorting them out

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    Ultimately, both the trinket and the belt are significant upgrades for you and it's hard to tell which one would benefit you more. Probably the trinket, since mana will be an issue for you atm.

    However, you might want to consider that there is only one resto belt dropping in ToT, as opposed to 4 healer trinkets. While not all of those trinkets are equally good for us, they're still big upgrades over what you have.

    If you're gearing this for the long term, I'd consider waiting until you're almost capped to see if you can get more to drop from ToT LFR so that the VP doesn't go to waste. Or you could buy one, do an LFR, then resell it, until you're almost capped on VP and have to make the choice. If it's short term and you want to raid some non-LFR content soon, I'd go for the trinket.

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    my advice .... get the trinket, as its pretty much BIS... the belt you can obtain from LFR

    save teh rest of your valors for upgrades (trinket for example)

    i wouldnt spend any valor on gear now, but an item like the trinket which ull use for a long time is worth it

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