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    That first one seems REALLY good.

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    1 and 4. Calling it.

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    1, 2 and 4 all sound interesting. Number 3 seems really situational. I mean I'm sure it will be useful on some fights, but on single target I guess you would trinket swap. The proc chance is obviously still placeholder.

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    Wow, #1 and #5 sound neat. Hopefully they actually balance them well in comparison to the rest of the more standard trinkets, rather than be conservative and make them terrible. Glad to see some interesting effects for the expected last raid of the expansion. Hopefully they do the same type of cool stuff with weapons.

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    I like how they are creative with different 'Equip' and 'Proc' affects. But when I looked at the Str/Int, they were pretty much all the same... Guess creativity only helps so much, LOL..

    Trinket 3, I can see being fairly OP for SV, if it procs 2x with MultiShot + Improved Serpent Sting/Serpent Spread combo.

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    1 and 4. 4 is Shado-pan Assault trinket reborn. And probably even more powerful.

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    Depending on how the 4th one will work, It's most likely going to be number 1 and 4.

    The first 1 sounds too good to be true.. But it also depends on what CD's.

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    1, 2 and 4 sounds really good. i hope we can test these trinkets in the next build

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    I'm assuming trinket 3 is very much unfinished (at least more so than the other 4). Even in big AoE fights I think the proc chance has to be much higher for it to be worth it. In addition, the trinket would be completely useless in single target fights. When have they ever added such an item in modern times?

    Trinket 1 is certainly interesting, but remains to be seen what abilities it affects and how it'll change our "rotation".

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    I merged the two threads of the 5.4 trinkets to avoid clutter since they were both about the same topic.

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    First one looks REALLLLY good to me if it goes live like this

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    1 just looks overpowered.

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    that first trinket will get nerfed. amazing if it doesn't, want this on my hunter so bad !
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    For 1st Trinket

    BM: BM

    SV: SV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koenig View Post
    For 1st Trinket

    BM: BM

    SV: SV
    Yeah reduced camouflage cooldown!

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    And if the first trinket reduce CD only for KC, it's pretty crappy (especially with +50% DMG buff to AS). no.4 goes against 4-piece set bonus for BM.

    Second one might be very interested if
    a) is not on RPPM
    b) propagates to pets

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    The first one looks ridiculously OP.

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    Not related to trinkets, but a guildie showed the following to me:

    Probably the legendary cloak proc.
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    Time to start theorycrafting on 1(as Rune of Re-Origination was a fun one in ToT ).

    Which are the 6 abilities? What is the wording "Six major abilities", Cooldowns, normal Abilities?

    (Going with Survival):
    -Black Arrow
    -Explosive Shot
    -Rapid Fire

    That is six, and the only 6 abilities that have a CD and are used for DPSing, I left Focus regen tier out, since it would make everyone abandon TotH immediately.

    CD reductions(-39%):
    - Black Arrow; 24 * 0.61 = 14.64 seconds (100% Uptime BA anyone???)
    - Explosive Shot; 6 * 0.61 = 3.66 Seconds
    - PS/Barr/GT: 27.45/18.3/9.15 seconds
    - Rapid Fire; 180 * 0.61 = 109.8 seconds (With current 2pc, it would only take 7 Arcane Shots to get RF back!)
    - Stampede; 300 * 0.61 = 183 seconds(3 minutes!)
    - Readiness; 300 * 0.61 = 183 seconds(3 minutes!)

    This can't go live, too overpowered of a trinket. 100% Uptime RF guaranteed with 2pc, 100% uptime BA(even can use it on 2 targets at once), way more Explosive Charge(SV 4pc) procs due to decreased ES CD.

    Seems too good to be true, I presume it will be nerfed to like 10-15%

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