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    [Guardian] Proper reforging and gems for CMs

    Hello there

    I'd like to start the challenges on my druid alt, I have already healed and dpsed them on other toons.
    I have just finished a terrible run with randoms in scarlet halls, just to see how it felt as a tank, before going with the guild group. And it hurts, a lot. currently I'm hit/exp capped and going for crit, as everyone, but, Should I change this for cms? rage generation is not great with the 463 downgrade, and was wondering if going for a stamina build and using most of the rage on FR would be better.
    Common sense tells me that stamina would be better than mastery due to the lowered armor on items, and that the more dangerous mobs are usually casters, but I may be wrong.
    This is an alt and I barely raid at all with him, so I dont really care about being a meat shield on the very few raid bosses I pug. I just want to be as less squishy as possible for those CMs.
    The healer will be a disc priest, If it changes anything

    Any advice you can throw is very welcome,
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    Hey dude - I was not tanking CMs but I would say that crit/stam is the way to go. I would try to ignore caps firstly (you wont get that much under anyway) and forge to crit, gem to crit and stam. You should have better rage generation and also mitigation/hps.

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    You need to see how your gear is scaling when downgraded to 463. Generally, you're going to want whatever piece has the most gem sockets (besides the Sha-Touched one which is disabled). I haven't checked if the legendary meta works, but I'll bet it is disabled. Tier set bonuses are disabled. However, the nice thing is that Hit and Expertise are not scaled down at all, so you can just look for the best pieces that have those stats on them, like the Shado-Pan Assault trinket.

    Arielle posted this in another thread:

    1) Get the highest ilvl piece with Hit and/or expertise. Bonus points for more sockets.
    2) Hit/Exp cap.
    3) Then get Crit, then probably Stamina. Could also go Mastery.
    4) Use Stam flask.
    5) Definitely have at least 1 Stam trinket available.
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    9/9 Guardian here.

    No radical changes for gearing beyond the standard CM stuff. I see you're an engineer--the engineering helm is actually very good for this--a lot of stats in the cogs. You need a second helm anyway since legendary meta is disabled for CMs. Your stat priorities are the same as raiding: cap hit and exp, then put the rest in crit. I sometimes did agi flask but more often sta flask.

    That said, the most important things for surviving pulls are not your gear choices but your use of your cooldowns, and the coordination of your group to use stuns, kiting, etc., as needed.

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    9/9 Guardian here too.

    I didn't change anything from my normal-mode 10m raiding gear (see sig link), except making sure I used the trinkets with the most DPS possible, which is very important for some of the encounters. Fortunately those trinkets generally also provide the most rage generation as well, which is also important. I always used an agility flask for more DPS, because I found the stamina from CM-level gear was just fine. I also had a disc priest healer for all of them, their shields probably benefit us the most out of any tank in challenge modes, due to our solely dodge-based active mitigation. Make sure they're clever enough to know exactly when to PW:S you and you shouldn't hurt too much.

    You are correct that the caster mobs are often (though not always) the most dangerous for us. Glyph into Fae Silence for a(nother) ranged interrupt, and, if you have an Elemental Shaman, cast Symbiosis on them to give them an AoE silence and you a little extra DPS. Caster-heavy trash groups, use FR over SD.
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    I've done 3 gold runs on my druid alt and I use hit/exp hard cap and then crit stacking as my stat priority. Used dps trinkets, not sure if I used agility or stam flask, probably stamina since my health was pretty low.

    Like other people are saying it's about using CDs effectively, coordinating stuns, knowing the dungeon, using self healing when appropriate and savage defense when appropriate.

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