View Poll Results: Buffind racials overly to promote growth in a faction.

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  • Strong action has to be taken buff them big

    22 15.28%
  • Bring the horde racials down

    17 11.81%
  • Leave the racials as they are.

    58 40.28%
  • Remove racials and find another way to buff alliance raiding.

    47 32.64%
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    racials should have glyph spots cool glyphs to make racials equal and worthwile.

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    Remove racials and make all baseline stats the same, so people choose a race, because they like it, not because it provides the best increase to performance.

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    Remove all racials from Alliance and prevent them from engaging in combat, upon entering a zone or instance you will see a game engine cinematic of your character (and party members!) killing the various mobs and monsters within and walking out will loot (if the built in loot system game you any) This will provide a clear distinction between the two factions, one will be for playing the game, the other will be for RP'ing. Everybody is happy!

    I'm curious as to where you're getting your information about the dire situation that is faction balance and/or why you care so much what faction the high end guilds are playing on.

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    Remove racials and make the alliance not suck.

    Problem solved.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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