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    [Balance] Brawler's Guild Mingus Diggs

    So I just got this unlock and all I have left is this one and Blingatron then I'll be done with them all. That being said I'm having a real tough time with this fellow. I can barely kill one statue before I'm dead. I'm using the usual rotation (1 cast to lunar, triple starfall, CA, etc) but I'm just not able to bust down a 4 million HP statue that quickly. I'm fine up until NV runs out then my health drops. Anyone beaten this guy as a balance druid and if so what ilevel where you at? I'm assuming my gear isn't up to snuff (510) and that's why I'm having trouble.

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    I dont think you should worry too much about killing the statues one by one, as our cleave dps is insane on 4 targets. Just better make sure to disable them occasionally by standing close, so the damage from the statues doesnt stack too high. (Use blink, move while dotting all those statues, roar!). I experienced the fight to be rather easy as balance druid, though i admit im slightly bit better geared than you. (529 with heroic thunderforged weapon when i killed him) :>. Make sure you get Unending Resolve/Ams/Mirror Images?(not 100% sure they work).

    As you killed the other rank 9 fights, I think you should be fine with him, good luck
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    Try to burn 2 statues with cd's asap, with Nature's Vigil healing shouldn't be an issue.
    After this reset stacks of the 2 left statues and proceed as Krisby describes.
    You have complete control over the incoming damage just move towards the statues to drop stacks.
    Using Symbiosis is very helpful especially Unending Resolve, didn't try Ams to reset stacks but should be possible.
    Did it on my Druid (520, 543 Staff from Ji-Kun), in my opinion simple fight as boomkin, killed it first try.
    Quite simple as hybrid(survivability is trivial with our selfheal in this fight).

    Hope my advice is somewhat helpful for you, but with your gear Mingus should be killable.

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    you can also symb a rogue for CoS to clear all debuffs, that being said starting the fight with incarnation CA both popped dot all statues blow em up with SS procs is the easiest had like a minute left. you dont need to stay by the statue you are killing just run around disabling them as you kill them.

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    I was able to cleave them all without moving ~360k dps. At the very least get a round of CA dots on everything and you should be good to go.

    However with your gear, even though it's 510 -- you probably have to adhere to the fight mechanics. Prioritize resetting debuffs and don't be afraid to use personal cd's when you start to move to reset. cat blink and sprint will be your best friends, especially if you're planning to reset more than 2.

    A good idea would be to start ontop of a statue so it doesn't do damage and run to the near one to reset that from time to time. Less movement and much less damage.

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    I stood in the middle, did my normal rotation then once the first one was down I cloaked the stacks then just ran between the 3. Killed him with about 5 seconds left but 170k dps at the end of the fight. Using the leap probably would have helped but I just ran.

    Thanks for the tips.
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    What i did was get my gf to come on her dk. I used sym on her, got the ams, I did my normal rotation, dotted everything up, when you get high stacks you move to the statue and then the stacks will drop. So just rinse and repeat.

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    I killed this in less than a minute. Literally stood in the middle and blew some CDs and dotted three of them up and started doing my rotation of starfires and starsurges. I had one hit for 851k and I think these guys only have like 4 million HP Lol. Once I got the first one dead, I dotted up the remaining one I hadn't dotted and once NV wore off from healing me from the dots, I cloaked off the debuffs and had them others dead before it was even partially troublesome. This was probably the easiest of the bunch.

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    If you have UVLS (even the LFR version should be fine), the fight is super super easy. On my kill, I dotted all 4 with 100% crit dots and they just melted and the SS procs I got was insane. My item level was really high (like 540) at that time but I feel like it should be easy as much lower ones as long as you got UVLS.
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