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    And there goes Kil'jaeden's Cunning.

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    so much to read, finally some news!!

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    Quick question if anyone can asnwer this it says for a warlock the kil'jaedens cunning will be a 1.5min cd does that mean its just going to be a toggle ability

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathfury View Post
    Damnit, who invited Moon Moon?
    I want to see the skin for moon moon

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    Well I guess that confirms Sharrosh

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    Also why does blizzard never bring any pvp neck/rings out or update the ones from jewelcrafting seriously

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    Quote Originally Posted by brothernads View Post
    Defear Garrosh "prior to the release of the next tier of content."

    Is this just a coy way of saying "before the next expansion is released" or are we getting a panda Sunwell/Ruby Sanctum?
    I'm guessing a sha of pride raid after.

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    Not happy about the KJC and Fel Armor nerfs : /

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    Sigh. Corrupted Garrosh.

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    Garrosh is so ugly. Why'd they have to take the easy way out. Why did they have to take the easy way out

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    Cho'gal 2.0 incoming!

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    Garrosh really let himself go...........

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    I'm not impressed they took the sha/old god corruption route with Garrosh.

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    Seriously, no spoiler warning on the Sharrosh pic ?

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    I'm going to be very disappointed if this change to KJC goes live.

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    Grm. Im going to wait on the fence with this one. The model looks -awesome- but I hope they dont do 'Lol, im sorry gais I was tryin to be all good and stuff but bad feelings took over lol'

    What I hope this model means is that Garrosh succeeded in fusing himself with the Sha and as a result, won't back down nor will he say it wasn't his fault etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarion View Post
    Sigh. Corrupted Garrosh.

    It's not corrupted Garrosh in the way you seem to think. Blizzard said he was using the sha we knew he was using the sha this but its not the sha making him evil that's just the way he is.

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    That 15% damage taken nerf to Spriests sucks lol.

    The Hunter changes are nice, hopefully MM will be more enticing now.

    Mage changes are cool I guess

    The Rogue changes are needed but still not really what I was thinking

    The set bonuses are interesting as well

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    re: Garrosh:

    That picture says nothing about how he got to that point. I don't think it's going to be the reason he's done the things he's done.

    Who's to say he doesn't get corrupted after he comes to realize the error of his ways ? Or that he's raised from the dead after we kill him ?

    Just stop jumping to conclusions.

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