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    I honestly think all casters should be able to move, with a run speed reduction. being able to move just makes it more fun, cuz having to cancel a chaos bolt to move is so much fun.
    It was never Hardcore Vs Casual. It was Socialites Vs. Solo players
    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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    Looks like they removed the passive damage reduction from Moonkin Form and Shadowform, too. Guess the Fel Armor change is part of a greater movement.

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    KJC was too good, but it's required now due to how MG works as affliction.
    Affliction and destro are almost entirely hardcasting specs at the moment with very few instant casts.

    I don't see how either spec is going to function in a raiding environment if the KJC changes go through. And the MF changes pretty much nerfs the only thing that made Destro worth playing on a lot of fights.

    Demo might be okay with the KJC changes simply because of the ability to sit in Meta and spam touch while moving. But this change will kill affliction and destro viability.

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    Meanwhile hunters can still DPS while moving, come on blizz please tell me thats a tooltip error

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    GC and his team are butchering the game again. What else is new?

    I quit 2 months ago when I got tired of the roller coaster of this butchery. They have no respect for their own game. They treat it like a toilet. "Hey, let's do something new every 6 months. Let's make radical changes to mechanics people love. Then butcher them some more, when our ham-handed adjustments don't work out."

    These guys will never get the game right. They should be treating it like a bonsai - trim a little here, trim a little there; make only extremely well considered changes, after investigating every aspect and effect.

    Instead, they treat it like a race car. Different engine this race, different tires next race, different cockpit, different spoilers... Most of the changes aren't even better; just different. When their shoehorning fails to work, they change it up some more.

    I'm tired of being their race car driver. I do like changes when they're well considered, but the way they do design is not. It feels not as though they're meticulously improving the game for my enjoyment, but rather as though they're crapping on me with whatever they came up with, and I just have to take it.

    I'm so glad I quit.

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    KJC was such a no-brainer.
    Also it took the whole skill out of planning your life taps or other spells for the moment you had to move back in the pre-Mop days. Let alone the fact that fel flame is sort of obsolete now. Remove KJC entirely and make CB instant. Or better: rework the whole 90 talent tier, it feels so lame and cheap.
    Good to see shadowflame is back, at least for one specc.
    And while you are at it Blizz, give us back instant shadowbolts, hand of gul'dan hardcast with huge damage, mad felhunter crits, fel/demon armor switching (gosh i miss casting those armors and seeing the animation) and crit-immunity in meta. Other than that warlock feels kewl atm.
    Oh yeah, buff affli dot damage please, Jesus H. Christ.
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    What's up with the apparent cooldown on Mannoroth's Fury? They should be improving it, not the opposite..

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    Quote Originally Posted by schmearcampain View Post
    you shut your w**re [email protected]!!!!
    He is right. KJC is overpowered. Casters shouldn't be able to just run around and cast whatever the fack they want. I'm glad for these changes. Nerf locks some more. Get the fotm bullshit out of the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Last Starfighter View Post
    He is right. KJC is overpowered. Casters shouldn't be able to just run around and cast whatever the fack they want. I'm glad for these changes. Nerf locks some more. Get the fotm bullshit out of the way.
    I don't like you either!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Last Starfighter View Post
    He is right. KJC is overpowered. Casters shouldn't be able to just run around and cast whatever the fack they want. I'm glad for these changes. Nerf locks some more. Get the fotm bullshit out of the way.
    Let's put Hunters in the same boat and then we can talk
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    While the KJC nerf was expected, I don't like the idea that Hunter's will probably retain their casting while moving. It should either be nerfed across the board for everyone or brought up to similar levels, not have one class be the go-to ranged if you don't like standing still. I liked the idea of the tradeoff with KJC, but it needed better implementation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confined View Post
    well lvl90 talents are dead if they are activated on a 1.5minute cooldown Oo.
    E: though it doesn't really show a "duration"...
    Well this should shut mages up about level 90 talents for good then since oh look warlock lvl 90 talent is mage first tier.

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    that 2p looks like it will increase the demo dps on execute and even better on add fights. like crazy. well depending on the duration, but imagine if you can have a 100% uptime of that buff if you ahve fights, where you get soul fire buffs pretty often.

    and the 4p wtf. imagine you get some fury and then spam touch of chaos. you ahve a 20% chance to proc hand of guldan.
    so the global is 1sec right? you have a hand of guldan ~ every 5 sec and you can cast hand of guldan yourself to make sure the dot doesnt expire... does it only stack up 2 times or would it actually stack even more? that would be crazyyy, especially if you ahev a lucky streak, but even without, it should be pretty easy to stack 4-5 times.

    am i the only one that thinks that the buffs > the nerfs in this patch (atm) for demo (with 2p+4p)? it sounds like you can do some crazy dps if you play it right.
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    Sometimes I wonder if people understand the sheer magnitude of changes.

    Imagine Mages without combustion, Rogue without Cloak of Shadows and Paladins without bubbles...

    This is our niche, Several fights across the board have been conquered by a warlock kiting on last 1% with KJC and Dark Bargain up.
    Please, you may be happy about these changes, but for the rest of the warlocks on this earth that depends heavily on this talent...
    STFU, and reject these changes to every fibre of your being (If this is in fact what will happen)

    For all we know, it could just be a buff that has to be applied at the start of each pull, For all you know...
    They may be making the last 3 talents baseline but giving them a shared cooldown, thus rebuilding the 90 tree.

    For all I know, I could be blowing steam out my ass, putting on a party hat and pretending im maralyn monroe, these changes are detrimental.
    And as a 'union' we should take a stand on this, because its just those useless f*uckers that PVP on some other toon, that thinks its OP that have cried and cried about it, and the warlocks have taken a blind eye to it.

    Fundamentally, I can see many top guild reverting their Warlocks to Demonology as standard, or replacing them, especially how this expansion has had NO PATCHWERK fights.

    Oh, and Screw hunter, get on the band wagon you bastards, ours go's yours goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caelic View Post
    If the KJC change is what I think it is, I'm not a happy Warlock.

    My warlock feels very smooth to play now that we have KJC, but if it ends up being changed too drastically I'll probably switch to a class that feels a bit more mobile.

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    Not liking the looks of it so far. I interpret it as huge game breaking nerfs with a little spritz of "don't get mad at us" by giving us Howl of Terror back and a Shadowflame option.

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    KJC is what made me fall in love with warlock. I'll be very sad seeing this version go.

    Sure it's very powerful, but I can't count how many times it's caused me to die. It is another dimension to dpsing as a warlock, and made it tons of fun.

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    I mean, with the way Aff and Destro work right now I think it will require an overhaul of both specs to function on heavy movement fights without KJC.

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    I guess it is time to reflect 5% raid damage back to the boss..

    Btw I was expecting a heavy nerf to soul leech, but no Blizzard buffs that! 10% more damage is not much of a nerf to our raid survivability, especially since Spriests and Moonkins will take 15% more damage too.

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    i'm probably in the minority but i'm glad to see KJC go.. maybe i'm just old.

    set bonuses look cool.

    flame is back

    howl baseline + a speed burst is great for pvp - in short.. pvp wise they're trying to create some room with those 2 things so the KJC doesnt rock us as hard. i dunno if it will be enough. they need to add the armor bonus back to Fel.

    should be interesting to see how this stuff shapes up.

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