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    Tier 16 DK Set Bonuses (Datamined can change)

    Item - Death Knight T16 Blood 2P Bonus (New) Every 4 Heart Strikes, Rune Strikes, or Blood Boils will add one charge to your next Bone Shield.
    Item - Death Knight T16 Blood 4P Bonus (New) Dancing Rune Weapon will reactivate all Frost and Unholy runes as Death Runes, and make your next 4 Death Strikes free.

    Item - Death Knight T16 DPS 2P Bonus (New) Killing Machine and Sudden Doom grant 500 Haste or Mastery, whichever is highest, for [ 200% of hnd + 4 ] sec, stacking up to 10 times.
    Item - Death Knight T16 DPS 4P Bonus (New) Death Coil increases the duration of Dark Transformation by 1.5 sec per cast. Pillar of Frost increases rune regeneration speed by 100% while active.

    So what do yall think? I personally love them all, sounds like a really nice set of bonuses. The 2 set on dps is pretty rng based, but OH MY the 4 set for Unholy sounds just godly.

    Keep in mind this is datamined and can/will change

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    3 words


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    gonna lock this in order to keep discussion in one place. ( I made a thread about 30 secs after! But its about all changes )

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