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    [Feral] HoTW or DoC 5.4?

    I'm back playing feral after 4months, after the 5.4 patch, is DoC talent still the best dps talent or HoTW?

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    All of the T7 talent's seem to be very strong for 5.4. If you're talking pure DPS DoC still wins out on patchwerk style boss fights(Iron Jugg ect). But I'm finding myself using Nature's Vigil pretty frequently depending on the boss fight. I raid in 10 man but and normally on each fight I'm healing in between 4 and 8 million with NV, which is proving to be extremely valuable on some encounters in SoO. Fight's like Thok, Spoils of Pandaria, Malkorok, and Galakras(I'm sure you could make use of it on others also). Really anytime there is a lot of healing that needs to be done, and there's a potential that a healer is out of range or you need a burst of damage NV seem's to be very useful.

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