In a previous thread I was speaking about season 14 armor and how crap it looks.

'S16 looks disgusting'


Green, paw logos, 2 broken planks for shoulders, and noose/facemask combination so that we can hang ourselves in shame....quietly.

Worst mage set ingame!" - my #1 post

Unfortunately it was locked due to moderator thinking it was about T16 since I got the numbers wrong. If you want to speak about T16 then please go to the tier 16 thread.

I'll stress again that this is my personal opinion, but I'd intrigued to see if it's shared with others.

I'll continue the discussion...

I've heard A lot of people say "Well you can transmog it doesn't matter." In a practical sense this is true but I and the rest of the WoW community don't pay towards the graphic designer's wages every month for them to disappoint us (IF this is the collective opinion, we are yet to see).

I'm not gonna pay any attention to people blowing this up into "It's not a game-breaking thing, don't complain." or the ridiculous "they worked hard on this!" (which they clearly haven't compared to the rest of their work.)

This is just a discussion of, do you like it or don't you and your opinion on it. Leave the drama out.