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    Heroic Jin'rokh

    First night of attempts on the sucker, honestly our only problem is people seem to not be able to dodge the balls... Any tips to help leviate this problem... Ya I know its obsurd... but I will take all that I get

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    one trick is to stack somewhere, like on the left side of a grate. Once the bolts come down and the balls start shooting out, have everyone move to the other side of the grate. repeat as needed

    Otherwise just have some person responsibility. Shouldn't take too much time to really get used to it.
    How many healers are you running? there is a lot of unavoidable damage in this phase as well so try to use your cds

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    It will take bit of a time for everyone to figure out how the lightning balls work.

    We used the stacking tactic:
    * Tank gets tossed to a pillar, a pool forms.
    * Our stack point is the edge of the new pool, close to the pillar/wall.
    * We clump up and only move when the balls would hit the pack.
    The balls will target people and head towards them in straight line. So if you are in a pack, most if not all, balls will start moving towards a single location.
    For this to work as intended you will have to make sure that people (including both tanks) stack bit before the Storm phase on the same place where the rest.

    If you don't do stacking for whichever reason, make sure that people spread, have a healer close by, and just dodge the balls individually.
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    The trick to get past the sparks is quite easier than what you might think. You need to get people to stack on the right/left side of the pool, if you have a disc priest, pop barrier and everyone stack on it, after that healers heal, dps and tanks just sidestep and easy dodge sparks. They don't bounce.

    BTW, if you have a Shaman and a druid on your team make sure that the shaman pops tranquility while he casts his "walk while casting" stuff. It helps a lot.

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    wait so you guys stack on the edge of the pool during lightning storm and not on the grate? or do you mean the grate

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    We got this down the first night of attempts. I think we had around 10 attempts, before killing the damn guy.
    What I personally did (I'm a melee dps). Was to not worry about dpsing the boss. And going into "screenshot mode". Which for many might be ALT-Z. It helps significantly to dodge the balls. Also, I probably wouldn't recommend that for healers or tanks, for obvious reasons.

    Movement speed increases also plays a crucial part of dodging them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    one trick is to stack somewhere, like on the left side of a grate. Once the bolts come down and the balls start shooting out, have everyone move to the other side of the grate. repeat as needed
    Also the Monk cd "-90% damage AND 5 next techniques redicted on the monk" seems to work on the orbs. I haven't checked in the logs, though, so not 100% sure. If someone could confirm.

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    Set a stack point on one of the grates. Just before he does his storm thing have everyone move there. It makes it easier because you should really only have to move left/right to avoid the bad because the balls are only coming from the front and having people semi clumped rather than running in all random directions makes it easier to AoE heal. DPS (especially melee) will lose time on the boss but the enrage is not that tight, if you can clear normal ToT then you shouldn't hit it.

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    Just pop personel cds, since you dont need them other on that phase and atleast try your best to dodge. With AM / RC / Banner / etc. up and the personels - it reeeally shouldn't be any problem to survive it. GL though (-:

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    All of your ranged can stack up at the back. The melee can keep dpsing since they can attack on the move.

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