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    Do you think enchants should be able to scale to max level?

    Hey all, with the new change to enchants being able to scale with lower level characters, what do you think about the reverse? I think it would be interesting to allow old enchants to scale upwards since it would give you more options to either match your style and work better with your spec. I would love to hear all your options on this subject

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    thing is, what enchants would be worth scaling up? Crusader? mongoose? I mean, it would be nice to have 23 haste actually be 180 haste on cloak, but it would really mean that ALL enchant prices will increase dramatically.
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    I could see some if minor benefits to scaling certain enchants (i.e Spirit to bracers). Then again, as Don stated, enchant prices would skyrocket to clearly absurd prices.

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    Weapon enchants maybe, since many of those are actually different from each other besides a stat-increase, L90 crusader would be fun for instance and it would allow for greater creativity and/or specialization in enchants (Do you want flat +damage or a cool proc-effect?), but rolling all the sinple "+X to stat Y on slot Z"-enchants together would leave enchanting with pretty few recipes left TBH...

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    If enchants scaled to max level , then enchanting would be the steadiest proffession . Everyone would always need the same enchants and in order for the new enchants to be competitive , the new recipes will have to give even better stats etc. This way enchants would actually outshine gear and thats something no one wants .

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    THis means that for every expansion (or even major content patch) blizz would have to make sure that ALL THE ENCHANTS from skill 1 to XXX are properly balanced.

    HUGE amount of effort for no benefit what so ever.

    Easier would be just to allow old weapon enchants to apply their GLOW without affecting the superior weapon enchant stats.

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    It could probably do with reworking but tbh id prefer them to focus on new content. Most leveling these days is done without enchants or just a few loom ones. The reason being it is so ridiculously fast to level then the enchant/gear is outdated within a very short time.

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