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    Creating an extra Demonic Gateway

    So yesterday during our weekly clear, when we got to lei shen with only 2 warlocks (the 3rd was away) Filth (1 of the other locks in my guild) showed me how to create extra gateways which made it easier to cover conducters during the transition phases which is pretty cool.

    This probably will get fixed soon.


    Please don't post videos explaining how to do an exploit.
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    Yeah someone mentioned this during the 25 locks vs ToeS.

    The cast of the gateway scales with haste, naturally, and to create this effect you have to have finished the cast of the second gateway before the first has landed at its location.
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    as affliction this seems to be easier to pull off if you use DS, the haste really helps.

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    Hi. If you cast Hellfire as Demonology, you can trigger procs before combat and with enough haste you can set up 3 gateways instead of 2!
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    This is not the right place to discuss and explain how to do an exploit. Locking this.

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