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    Looking at shoulders on Wowhead...
    They look like they would cut off your head if you make a careless move.
    Old Gods made me do it.

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    Daetur, your forum avatar quote is strangely relevant to this topic...

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    I'm a little afraid to say this.. but somehow I like it.
    WTB shoulders please.

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    Another weird/shitty hunter tier set......nothing new here move along lol. I guess the set they are currently showing on the front page is the pvp set?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeelot View Post

    Labeled as "shoulder_mail_raidhunter"

    Confirmed for laser shoulders.

    T16, Laserbeam Stalker

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    yeah.. "shoulders" are now on wowhead too.. any idea why the hell they chose this style for hunter? i dont get it, we dont even get water continent or something in this patch..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    Why they always gotta be putting weird shit on my face.

    First it was a fish head on my face. Then Shannox's face on my face. Then a Saurok face on my face.

    Now a fishbowl on my face.
    Who has their helm or the real tier helm shown now adage anyways? I have rocked and always will rock my eye patch or CM good helm. Tier helms have been retarded for some time now.

    CM gold xmog set for life. Until they add a new CM gold set next expansion

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    I really dig it actually. I always like the more unique and ridiculous sets and Hunter sets are in my opinion amongst the most boring and bland throughout WoWs history.

    I'm glad we finally got something a little crazy. I hope the shoulders are just as weird.

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    Maybe we'll get a hunter class quest to shoot lasers instead of arrows now. :3

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    its definitely unique..

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    It's definitely ugly...

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    If you look at the modeler from wowhead, the shoulders aren't missing, they just stuck inside the headpiece. go male orc and you'll notice it better.

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    best pics I was able to get, seems to be a big shoulder and a littler shoulder on the other side, here's the bigger one

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    Cannot wait! I love this set, is it weird? yes, yet still badass looking.
    I am kinda bored of my CM set, so this will be a good break from it.

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    so lame look , why always hunters gear look shit

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    Please tell me this is a joke...

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    eum Murloc set is facking AMAZING!!!!

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    What... the fuck.

    Ide rather have a dead bambi on my head than that thing, why do the designers for hunters hate us so much >_< what did we do to deserve so many shit gear sets!!

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    I would post an image but as I am a new member I cannot.

    I looked at the model for a Worgen Male and did the Emote 'EmoteKneel.'

    If you watch it from behind you will get the full view of the shoulder, obviously this will be what it looks like from the side view of the Hunter.

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    This... is... horrible... seriusly, wth!!

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