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    I personally am happy that MoP is going by fast so we can get by over this expac, however 5.4 might make me resub to try out the new stuff and besides that we will have 5.3 around for another 3 months since 5.4 is a huge patch with 14+ bosses and lots of stuff unfinished so it would most probably be out by september which leads us to blizzcon 2013 where the new expac would be announced and then probably beta testing will start Q1 2014 with a filler (5.5) patch and a targeted release for May-June 2014 which makes MoP last approx. 1 year and 6 months as it would seem blizzard has "rolled out content fast". Again, that's just my prediction.
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    It's not that surprising to me. With their stated intention to generate "faster" content, it's only natural that expansions from hereon out will come and go by quicker.

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    Yes it has, honestly I'd love a 5.5 patch, where we return to Pandaria, try and fix as much as possible, apologize and then actually bid the place farewell - in a proper manner.

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    As someone whos unsubbed because i have run out of things to do other than raid ToT i'd say it could go a little faster

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    While I loved the leveling and initial questing, lore and 5-man content, the raids and the way they have mangled the lore through the patches has made me wish that this expansion would end now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sith View Post
    It can't go by fast enough.
    Idd. Wont sub till this Asia s*it is over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RicardoZ View Post
    I should probably start out by admitting that I've been unsubbed since late 4.3 and haven't set boot in Pandaria yet, but from the outside looking in it seems strange that the expansion is not even 9 months old yet and is already drawing to a close. Has it felt like its gone by too fast for those of you who have stuck around? Unless 5.4 turns out to be the longest patch in history, MoP is set to close up shop by Thanksgiving. Is that strange to anybody who has played the entire expansion or does it just feel that way from the outside?
    People were complaining before about expansions being long or individual tiers being long, and blizzard responded by putting out patches faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by InfernalDark View Post
    Idd. Wont sub till this Asia s*it is over.

    Good on you buddy, Advancing the human race every day I see.


    They did say they want to start pushing out expansions faster and better. So we already know this will be the final patch until the next expansion. After Garrosh and the Sha of Pride there is nothing left. And if rumors are to be believed the Burning Legion will be coming back least, That's what Wrathion keeps hinting at.

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    It's not going fast enough. I want to know what the next expansion will be about, what PvP "improvements" will be made and other features implemented to determine if I can finally stop reading WoW news or if it might be worth giving it another shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfernalDark View Post
    Idd. Wont sub till this Asia s*it is over.
    ...This is just sad.
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    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    A better expansion.
    No, I think every expansion has a tipping point after a couple months and everyone has leveled and played around will all of the specs they wanted to that they get hungry for more content again.

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    When I read the OP I didn't think 9 months could possibly be right. Honestly, it feels like 14-16 for me. It's definitely got that "winding down" feeling to it and I'm really at a loss to explain why. I'm an altoholic. When MoP came out I had 13 characters at 85, 1 at 60, and a panda placeholder. In spite of the fact that leveling took far longer in MoP than in Cata, and in spite of all of the dailies and double gated rep and whatnot, I currently have 11 characters at 90 and 2 at 80. Bottom line, it's felt like a long hard slog for sure, but at 9 months in it really wasn't. Maybe it's because the patches came so fast and furious? I don't know.

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    Not liking asian themed stuff doesn't make him racist...

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