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    [Feral] New logs for Council and Tortos

    Hey all,
    So we finally downed Horridon (took us long enough) and we downed the Council fairly quickly afterwards. We're on Tortos now.
    These are the logs of our kill on the Council:
    We did some tries on Tortos too but the last try was pretty sucky because I was getting sleepy and I was playing like crap.
    Could any of you be kind enough to have a look and see what's wrong with my rotation? I have the feeling I must be doing something wrong when it comes to my rotation.

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    It's pretty damn difficult to understand your logs as they are non-English. All I can say at this point is that with your gear, you should be doing tons more dmg on Tortos. Guessing you knew that already or you wouldn't be posting for help here..

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    Had another stab at this. First thing's first.. you're rocking a RoR trinket, and with that you need to reforge 1.x:1:1 with mastery/haste/crit, mastery being highest. Check out Catus by Raffy/Edgy. You'll find links for the latest updates over at the TFD forums.

    Next, you got your hit/exp stats quite high, but that shouldn't be an issue after following Catus reforge advise.

    Last, but not least, learn the fight. As a feral on Tortos you can output ridiculous amounts of deeps. Go DoC, time your first zerk for first set of bats (or second, if you plan this with other dps in your group, and if needed), put up a RoR+DoC+TF thrash on small turtles when they spawn.. if you're lucky, there will be bats in range too. Always keep up a full rotation of rake/rip/thrash on the boss too (pref DoC'd). Always put up a thrash on small turtles even if you don't have CD's up. Always swipe the living shit out of the bats when they're in range so you can maintain your rotation on the boss and still aoe down those flying rats.

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    I took a quick glance at the logs (Tortos tries 8 to 13) and here are my 2 cents:

    Your raid is running with 1 tank, 3 healers, 3 melees and 3 ranged. The lock and the mage did focus on the turtles but the hunter didn't. He did too much damage on the bats and too low damage on the turtles. He should only misdirect the bats to the tank because the tank and the 3 melees can do enough damage to kill them quickly (before the stomp). Or replace 1 melee with 1 ranged dps so the hunter can do both (bats and turtles). You did no damage on the turtles and something between 0% and 20% on the bats. That's too low.

    To help your ranged dps kill the turtles use Thrash as they spawn/bypass you. Thrash does have enough range to stay out of their melee range. DBM/BigWigs help with the timing (energy pooling).

    Keep Thrash up. Use OoC procs on Thrash and Swipe. Coordinate damage cooldowns with your fellow melees (only one cd per wave). Do not go all out on the bats outside of Berserk. Keep SR, Rip and Rake up on Tortos like on a single target fight even while bats are active (i.e. you have to Mangle to extend Rip, do not use all your energy on Swipes). You might consider tabbing to apply Rake on bats during RoR proc.

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    Reforge for RoR for starters
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