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    Shiny new wings: Priest S14

    Hey guys!

    Just in case anyone missed it:

    Check out the 3D model. We're getting shiny new wings <3

    Personally, I don't play any PvP but I am so gonna do it just to get that set.

    Anyone else excited?

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    i want em on the PVE set! >_<

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    I'm surprised more priest tier doesn't have wings honestly. not many people don't want them in some way lol.
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    I want Blizzard to make them permanent. Like a permanent part of the set. Not a spell effect that shows itself now and then, but more like the black hole behind the warlock with warlock T4 that is always there so long as you have the T4 helmet equipped.

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    Bumping this. Shiny new video on the frontpage!

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    All i can say is i'm in love with that look It reminds me of a revamped style of Tier 3 set Vestments of Faith cause of the wings which i wish i could have really <3

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    Wings look amazing, actual gear still looks like "realistic" metal cloth tasteless wrath gear. Would have been even cooler if they were visible permanently.

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    The blue and gold version is gorgeous. I just wish I didn't suck so badly at PvP that I will never get it. I hope the T16 is even better.

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    I don't like the metal look of the robe and shoulders at all. What are we, paladins now?

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    Not going to lie: I'm a total sucker for angel / demon wings.

    However, the coloring on the green set looks a bit weird; still cool, but certainly not my first choice.

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    This set looks really good, so I assume the pve set will be utterly silly like tier 13

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    Gorgeous. Really happy for you priests. Might have to level my baby priest just because.

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    This is literally the first set I've wanted to Transmog since Ulduar. I'll be going as hard as it takes in S14 to get the set with the light blue wings.

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    i wish this is what our challenge mode set looked like.

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    Wow I totally missed that! O.O

    I will need to farm up all three sets for future transmog! (mostly just the shoulders though)!
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    Ever since Warlock T6 wings have rocked.

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    Not really a fan of any color scheme outside of the Gold, though is better than most lately in my opinion.
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    the Tyrael priest set
    I like ponies and I really don't care what you have to say about that.

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    I'm really curious what activates the wings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drye View Post
    I'm really curious what activates the wings.
    Isn't the T5 Lock set activated by jumping? That what it reminds me of, at the end of the video above, it seems like it, but I could be wrong.

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