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    Quote Originally Posted by LegendaryDude View Post
    Ok, first off: the hearthstone soundtrack is fucking awesome!

    Secondly, i wonder what the raid portal will be used for. First thing i thought was: Filler raid between mop and next expansion, we travel beneath pandaria to destroy the remains of y'shaarj. Then i remembered they said from the beginning that there won't be a filler raid.

    Maybe we start our siege on Orgrimmar only to find out that Garrosh and his elite few are not in Orgrimmar anymore, but have traveled to pandaria and are doing something beneath the vale. But that would leave the question about the closed giant door in secrets of hellfire. Can't wait to find out more!
    Apparently the other way around. The Sha of Pride awakes under the Valley, when Garrosh take control of the Hearth of Y'shaarj, and that serves as the red light that is time to rumble over Orgrimmar. Probably the construct Norushen itself ask for us to go after the Warchief.

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    Clearly they're working on the new models, this seems like an (unintentional?) hint towards what we can expect. The Zandalar troll models have this kind of detail too, and the newer night elf NPCs like Azshara had a bit of work put into them as well. I think from all this we can safely safe the new models will be pleasing!

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    These animations are.. Amazing !! High five to all the animators and modellers, they rock !!! seriously ! But as someone said above, Jaw doesn't work like that, you cant stretch by talking, the spacing between your teeth xD

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    Why do i, when i see theses animations, think about team fortress ?

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    It was refreshing with no ugliness in the world environment, but i guess it could not last

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    Am I the only one that wants to see how much smoother combat animations are?

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    as maybe the only person who has really been taking my time, what's going to happen to the golden lotus rewards / crane mounts?

    secondly, what is the vale going to look like to a new player being let in for the first time by the cardinal animal spirits?

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    I love the new Garrosh. I also believe that's the new players model, which is all kinds of awesome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesftw View Post
    soo garosh changing from orc to ogre in the proces of updating model? looks kinda wierd

    How so, exaggerated proportions? Don't you know that's like a Blizzard TM for male characters, especially thick arms with fists as big as a head.
    As realistic as the cinematics are they use that art style even there:

    check Imperius
    pretty obvius
    quite the difference

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    Dem hunter changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatePsychotic View Post
    Joking aside, if this is any indication of just how detailed and expressive the Orc model will be, then I'm excited.
    This could be the damn of new troll face

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    I'm sad by the hunchback, but at the same time... that sprint scared the f*ck out of me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormykitten View Post
    It was refreshing with no ugliness in the world environment, but i guess it could not last
    Blizzard is great at creating hellish environments. Breathtakingly beautiful environments? Scarce as hen's teeth.

    The very limited draw distance of WoW's graphic engine isn't helping.

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    So glad I don't work for Blizzard, I couldn't put up with the crap they have to on a daily basis. You have people posting shit like this "You mean listening to the complaints of the players and then promptly spitting in their faces?" and it is just asinine. Too much bitching over every single change that happens in this game.

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    Ok...this is cool. Stayed unsubbed for 5.3, but definitely coming back for 5.4

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    Indeed, how WILL it be for people jsut questing and coming in for first time, they have a phased zone, then leave the zone and BOOM out of nowhere sha infection, they'll bel like wtf.
    For the Horde! And for the Earthmother!

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    The Golden Pagoda will not survive because pandas Golden Lotus, will be one of the new raid bosses of 5.4 ..(The Fallen Protectors) and I was very sad about the changes made, Vale of Eternal Blossoms is a beautiful place .. and ended with him.

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    I laughed when i saw the face he makes at the /applaud emote lol . Also just noticed now he has one square boot and one round one haha.

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    Interesting stuff indeed. So no more golden lotus faction I think it means those who got exalted with the faction will get a feat of strength achievement.

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    The animations are impressive, but is anyone else kinda grossed out by how his lower tusks stay glued to his lips. It's like they're not teeth, they're weird growths from his lips.

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    so where is the water gone ??

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    If this is a preview of what we can expect for the updated models, seriously can't wait to see what the other races would look like
    As for the raid portal, maybe we can expect another Ruby Sanctum-ish patch raid?

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