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    Question who got this on farm:
    - are you able to keep ur tank's shield up all the time?
    - how/when do you rotate ur healing cds?

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    We have the same tank setup as yours though we only use 2 healers.

    We have

    Prot Paladin
    BRM Monk

    Resto Shaman
    MW Monk

    Assa Rogue
    Enh Shaman
    Fury Warr

    Ele Shaman
    Fire Mage
    BM Hunter

    I, the protadin, take the bats yes, and yes, I know monks can kite them better, just bare with me now. I take the bats, monk takes tortos. He tanks near tortos' left paw and I bring the bats there for AoE'ing.

    Shaman Healer focuses on me and the other tank while monk focused on the raid only (helps us when needed).

    Ranged take care of turtles, melee help with bats.

    At around 30% we kill off any remaining bats, I take over tortos and monk starts kiting any new bats around the room while we hero and nuke tortos down to shit.

    If your Paladin is having trouble surviving he's doing something wrong. Make sure he tracks his Shell absorb and remind him that with 3+ BoG stacks he can easily top his own shell with WoG. Make sure he always has ShotR up for Quake Stomp so it doesn't break his shell. If he's having trouble just kite bats in front of the boss a tad. Also, make sure he doesn't panick and makes use of his cooldowns. Holy Avenger + DP is enough to hold a bat phase. GoAK + DP the other. Third you'll need to kite a bit (or stun a lot) or ask for an extra outisde cooldown. After that you have HA again, etc.
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    Righteous Fury plus Battle Insight threat = Prot Pally on adds. Not to mention Consecration. Let the Brewmaster be on boss and he can assist with SCK if necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hartlin View Post
    Think our healers can cut it 2 healing? Healing honestly felt really sketchy even with 3 healers last night.
    Heroic Tortos is pretty trivial to 2heal... unless you are handling the Crystal Shell gimmick poorly or your healers don't understand how to charge them up. If you do it right there is very little actual damage to heal on that fight. If you have a Brewmaster there's no reason to not just kite the bats... Monks are amazing for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by land View Post
    Question who got this on farm:
    - are you able to keep ur tank's shield up all the time?
    - how/when do you rotate ur healing cds?
    Yes, assuming healers pay attention and we're not one-tanking (25H).

    1st wave - shieldwall, 2nd wave - ironbark/some priest thing, 3rd wave - hand of sac, 4th wave - ironbark/some priest thing, 5th wave - go back to #1.

    The bat tank is dying because the bat tank is playing like a scumbag. Brewmasters can work for either tank role, but if you want the paladin on the bats then most likely they're just going to end up on the monk anyway after a keg smash.

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    Two shot it other day first week of raiding, just had monk tank kite. Don't see why people think dpsing bats is better (in 10man) even with cleave. Can get some really bad RNG, but its not that hard. We did 4/13 first week now, Qon was abit harder.

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    Kiting tips:

    Charging Ox Wave stun old bats -> keg smash new ones and roll away -> purify and continue kiting with dizying.

    Found this more reliable than just picking them up with rushing jade wind. Still good to do it before picking them with keg as it does suffle. And I did it with my 8500 haste dps gear : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashcroft View Post
    Two shot it other day first week of raiding, just had monk tank kite. Don't see why people think dpsing bats is better (in 10man) even with cleave. Can get some really bad RNG, but its not that hard. We did 4/13 first week now, Qon was abit harder.
    Because if your tanks are not bad, they will never die from bats, and since the bats will be dead, there wont be rng to kill the kiting tank. Removing chance of fuck up usually makes that tactic better.

    Your bat tank can die only because of:
    1:He doesnt have weak aura/similiar addon to keep track on his shield at all times.
    2: He is not prepared for the bats, which means he has no resourses and tanks them w/o active mitigation. Im sory but 8 bats, hitting for 60k each a tank with 60%+ avoidance, aoe stun, additional absob, and crystal shield for 500k cannot die from bats. Yes they may overwhelm the shield at some point but it will never be a suprise for the tank. Anytime you see your shield dropping to 100k, you can just roll left or right, and give the healers time to max it, since the bats would already be slowed by something and they cant catch you.

    Thats for the monk, about the paladin: if you put him on the adds, he will need to wait to get veangance so the monk on tortos wont overagro on the bats and die. If you put the paladin on the boss, he can turn of RF when bats come, and dps them from the very get go, w/o overagroing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hartlin View Post

    Prot Pally (on boss)
    BM Monk (on bats)

    Resto Shaman
    Holy Pally
    Holy Priest

    Frost Mage
    Combat Rogue
    Fury Warrior
    Shadow Priest
    Demo Lock

    We've been at this for ~20-25 pulls or so now and the main issue that I'm seeing is our monk's survivability. I'm not the best with WoL so I'm not sure if his shield is falling off far too quickly (due to lack of heals) or if he's just doing something wrong. I'm here in hopes that someone is able to identify the issue, as if he can not lose his shield so frequently (thus causing bats to heal and everything falling behind because of it), life would be much easier..

    WoL Link -

    We have our lock kicking. Melee swapping to the first wave of turtles to make sure one is dead in time for the breath (rarely an issue). Everyone switching to bats assuming we're keeping up with turtles. Best attempt has been ~60%, ending with tank deaths.
    Should have your warrior swapping out SW for Bladestorm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurrealNight View Post
    I have the unfortunate job of kiting each week but it does make that aspect of the fight trivial so long as I don't F up. This is 25m HC though so I have two hunters for MD's, picking up Chi Torpedo and Zen Sphere (can roll on you and Tank or someone at once) should help generate some early agro then it's just down to keg spamming.

    Tarazet already mentioned issues with BrM's tanking play which could use some improvement if he will continue to do that job.
    ^^ this right here. I would love to actually tank bats in 25H, but it's just way easier just to kite and be done with it.

    For 10H either monk tank bats or prot solo tank the fight. He still gets aggro even with the battle healer nerf, if he's not he's doing something wrong imo. And the monk isn't shuffling enough, too many breath of fires. It's ok to use it sometimes, but not over shuffle uptime.

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    Your rogue can ToTT the add tank. Try kiting with the BM, or having the Paladin solo.

    Have your lock use SF on tanks call on adds if he can spec into it.

    Kiting or killing depend son your dps overall really.

    Fight is easily 2 heal-able if people don't take unnecessary damage.

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    If you're two tanking it (ie 25 man) it's best to put pally tank on the boss. It's tricky for pally tanks to pick up bats without any external help, as self heals and BH dont generate any heal threat when it increases the shield's absorb.
    Monks are the best kiters hands down.
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    Ignore him. As much as I love rawhammer, I doubt he's said one useful sentance in his entire life <3

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    I did the bat kiting as a 463 monk and had no problems with aggro whatsoever, so I guess your monk is doing something wrong.

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    Like many have mentioned on this thread already, your best result will be putting the pally on the boss and have the monk kite the bats. This also puts more dps on the boss.

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    You'll want your pally tank on the bats, the reason for this is that block tanks have a lot more burst physical reduction than dodge tanks.

    If you need to use a dodge tank, then they will most likely have to kite.

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    I get the job of kiting the adds each week on my monk.

    I don't know what tactic you use, but really you shouldn't be getting hit at all by the bats, we don't even kill them I just pick up the new packs and continue to run away. You can easily kite them without being touched once. Just make sure he has the shield up from the crystal.

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