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    Protadin valor purchases

    So I've finally hit ToT LFR and, to no surprise, gone 0/15. I've got 2k valor and need to purchase an item. I'm leaning towards trinket but I'm not sure if I should go with the exp/str trinket or the mastery/dodge trinket. Getting the exp trinket would allow me to reforge and regem out of expertise, but I'm just not sure if that's the right move.

    Any thoughts?
    Whaleshark /spits on your science.

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    the exp/str trinket is both worth purchasing and upgrading straight away when you're only on lfr level

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    if youre only at 2k, wait another week to see what you get and capped at 3k.

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    Don't buy the mastery dodge trink. Get the expertise one.

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    Get the Exp trinket. Also here are all the valor items you might want to get before shifting to item upgrades :

    Exp trinket
    Haste/mastery neck
    Haste/mastery back
    Int plate gloves /pants
    Haste/crit ring

    Pick w/e one is the biggest upgrade for your current item slot.

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