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    Raiding key-binds (targeted at healers!)

    OK was brought up in gchat about keybindings etc etc. And obviously one of the most common things is to get rid of turn and replace a and d with strafe right? Now as a dps and tank it's NP but as a healer.... anyone here use this setup? Coz being a monk healer and on some fights like horridon hc - I cannot get my head around being told that I should only have to "move my mouse an inch off my healing unit frames to turn - and it'll only take a second". I'm usually rolling all around the place, dpsing shit, getting out of shit, spamming renewing mists on cd, stopping and channeling soothing. I recon the seconds would add up where I need to fuck off out the way but I gotta heal my tits off but I CAN'T TURNNNNN. My camera isn't set on "follow" either.

    What are your thoughts? Do you as a healer with unit frames setup like grid/clique, healbot, vuhdo etc have ONLY strafe at your fingertips and find it cool moving off your ui on a regular basis? I'd like to get the gist to see if I'm being a doucha about this.... Saying all this I use my mouse to turn and move majority of time and I love my diagonal rolls - just the times it's important to move and heal that I use my turning keys... A waste or a necessity?


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    I can turn 360 degrees in significantly less than the span of a global. I have auto run bound to my mouse as well, so I don't need to hold W. I just use strafe and that. No S key, rarely ever use W, and A + D are strafe.

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    I can't say from a monk healing perspective as I'm a disc healer but I use w-a-s-d with a and d being strife (how anyone can keep these two as turn boggles my mind now), I can't recall an instance were I've felt I've not been able to heal because I could not turn fast enough, I just hold down my right mouse button and turn/move as needed. I thought healing spells didn't have a facial requirement, sure healers back in Wotlk fighting yogg never faced him during the final phase but could still heal the tanks and melee, honestly never thought of it since I've been a disc healer in mop.

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    I'm a priest healer also and have a/d as turn (in case of emergency) and strafe as (push mousewheel back and forth). I rarely turn.

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    I unbound A and D to strafe with Q and E, and those are the only keyboard keys I use. I heal with mouseover on grid, though lately I've been trying just the elvui frames. I can't think of a time when I've been desperate to turn...

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    I play a mistweaver and I can't possibly see a situation where I would want to keyboard turn at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonrisa View Post
    I play wow and I can't possibly see a situation where I would want to keyboard turn at all.
    Fixed /10char

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