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    Crafting Professions Not Having Gathering

    Hello all, I am currently an Miner / Engineer and LOVE being an Engineer. However lately I have been considering going Enchanting Engineer. My reason is I rarely have a lot of gold especially by today's standards and am mostly play by myself. (Not in a guild and mostly do my own thing) So my gear is almost never enchanted / gemmed. I figure if I go enchanting, after I level it up I can make some someone decent gold off it. However with the next expansion kind of on the horizon I think it would be a major drain on my wallet to level Engineering. Should I make the switch or just keep things as is?

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    keep things as they are,

    the green gems are going for 5-6 gold each, that's 2 daily quests and your entire gear is gemed.
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    Step one: Create Alt
    Step two: Level gathering professions on alt
    step three: level second crafting profession on main
    Step four : ???
    step five: profit

    Also, enchanting is too good not to have at the start of an expansion. All those quest greens everyone vendors get funneled into enchanting mats, then scrolls, and you just rake in the gold if you find the right spot early on to farm in.
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    start of an xpac? we are 3 months away from the NEXT xpac

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    Quote Originally Posted by trekker9876 View Post
    start of an xpac? we are 3 months away from the NEXT xpac
    lol more like 6+ months

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    In the past it's been good to have a gatherer at the start of each xpac because mats have been crazy high prices, however the exception to this has been Mists, where Blizzard literally had so many nodes spawning so fast that gatherers flooded the AH and mats dropped to the cheapest they were all expansion, making it very easy to level your proffs.

    Blizzard nerfed the node spawns after a couple of weeks. Nobody knows how it's going to be next time at this stage. I'd speculate something similar will happen, as Blizzard seemed to be actively trying to break the old system where people held monopolies on necessary trade goods around major gearing up points this xpac. But that's just me speculating.

    We're very close to the announcement of the next xpac, and following it will be the beta, so one option you have is to wait and see.

    Personally though I think crafting professions beat gathering professions nearly every time. I'd pick up enchanting personally. Having it on a toon you level first at the start of an xpac is super handy. You can DE your questing gear as you go for cheap mats, and new enchanting mats are generally in very high demand early as literally everyone needs enchants. DE'ing is effectively a mini gathering profession that comes with the crafting profession making it pretty unique, even if selling enchants isn't worth it selling the mats often can be, so there's pretty good potential to profit from it.

    But do beware that there's no more major patches and new gear anticipated for Mists, so enchanting (like most professions really) is past it's most profitable point for the xpac. Most professions do better early on and then around major patches.

    Are you doing a lot of mining? Is it something you actively use to make gold? Or just something sitting there in case you need it for engineering? If it's just sitting there get rid of it imo.

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    Oh from the title I thought this thread was going to suggest tacking on the gathering professions onto the crafting professions that use them, which I thought would have been a great idea lol. Enchanting is the best "lazy-man's" way of making gold, due to the fact it SAVES you so much gold in having to buy the mats yourself for every peice of gear. I don't normally use my professions to gain much gold (other than CDs to craft epic gear to sell for craptons), so therefore enchanting has "made" me the most gold of anything by far due to how much it has saved me. Plus 1-2 sha crystals is worth A LOT more than the gear vendors for.... Well maybe not so much now that timeless isle gear is getting DE'ed into sha crystals.
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    Enchanting has taken a big hit in profitability this expansion pack. It is a much weaker goldmaker. I think this is due to 3 reasons.
    1. many people have their own enchanters.
    2. Recipes are easy to get.
    3. Mats are super easy to get and there are no real choke points.

    Best thing imo is still make a druid herber miner for next expansion.
    Mos people are doing without a gatherer this expansion and just shuffle, its well dull.

    If you interact with other players then you need to be gemmed and enchanted. They are not expensive. If you have minin then host iron on my highly competitive server is 70g a stack. Thats 2-3k gold an hour. U cant think it would cost more than 3k to regem and enchant yourself. So the question then becomes are you willing to put 1-2h into making your character better? If you dont regem or enchant as well as reforge then ut will hamper your ability to be accepted by other players.

    Engineering at the moment you should be making a sky claw every month= 30 cooldowns should net you a profit of 20-30k gold per month easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodrayne of Lothar View Post
    lol more like 6+ months
    sadly I my money is on a little bit longer than that...somehow

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    Not having someone to enchant & gem your gear is never a reason NOT to have your gear enchanted and gemmed. That's just pure laziness. Scoll of Enchantments for what you need generally are cheap (coming from an enchanter I gave up on selling them because there's virtually no profit to be made from selling enchant after you're maxed out instead of selling the mats) and if that doesn't pan out you can always buy the mats off the AH and get an enchanter to enchant it for you (even then mats are hella cheap so that's no reason not to have your shit enchanted). As for gemming, I buy my gems and most of them go for 50-150g each. That's not a whole lot. And this is coming from a guy who generally sits around 1k gold on the server I play on so I'm by far not "rich" in WoW.

    On the topic at hand, enchanting would provide you a better perk than mining (unless you're a tank & then you get a decent perk) but mining would provide you better gold making than enchanting would....assuming you go out and farm ores/smelt trillium to make money as a miner. Personally my engineer is also a LW and I have to support both of those professions with my main and its part of the reason why I'm always so broke lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 999tigger View Post
    Enchanting has taken a big hit in profitability this expansion pack. It is a much weaker goldmaker.
    I would agree with you up to SoO... because anybody who is running normals gets those items that speed up the crafting items for this latest patch. Those things are super overpriced right now and you could make a killing...
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