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    Should I return?

    I've been thinking a alot lately about returning to WoW, but I have serious doubts. Therefore I'd like your guys opinion on the current state of the game, and if you can answer some of my questions.

    Some general information about me:
    I'm playing a shaman, and have always been a restoration shaman. I play on the server Moonglade, but I'm possibly going to transfer, so that I can get into a proper raiding guild. Raiding is mostly the only thing in the game for me. I didnt play in Cataclysm at all, only levelled to max, and then stopped again. Last time i played properly was WotLK.

    So, with that said:

    - How is the general state of WoW at the moment, is it still a good game?

    - How is the raiding of WoW, and is it heading in a specific direction at the moment?

    - General state of the restoration shaman?

    Thanks for your time, and I'm very excited to see your responses!

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    I'm sorry, but we get a lot of these and what happens is the anti-World of Warcraft trolls come out to bash the game and anyone who likes it as much as they can.

    The only person who can tell you if the game is "good" is yourself. There are free trials that you can take advantage of to check it out and see if it still suits you.

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