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    best grinding spot for gold?

    I'm a level 90 ret paladin with 510 itemlevel (mostly LFR gear). What's the best way for me to just endlessly grind mobs to get gold? I am a JC/enchanter btw.
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    Killing rares for bags or doing dailies is probably better than sitting somewhere killing things.

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    Grinding mobs is not the most efficient way of making gold in this game. You are going to put a lot of time and mindless keystrokes into pulling in gold, especially since the good farm zones have been nerfed.

    Some people like to play the auction house but I personally find lots of loot in the form of having alts with proffessions. About the only profession I stay away from is engineering. I’ve made the most money with professions that can make PVP gear and consumables like enchantments. If there is anything you find yourself buying all the time then consider making it, not only is there an obvious need for it but what you make is money you don't spend. I make all my own enchantments, inscriptions, potions, flasks, belt buckles, gems, ect. Money that you keep is money in the bank.

    I’ve learned to avoid Gems too, it tends to wax and wane in terms of profits and theres way too much competition. In the beginning of an expansion theres not enough gear that has gem slots in it and in the end of an expansion (which tends to last too long) people get all the gear with stats they want to use and the rest of the time they only get gear for transmog and you don’t need gems for that which means that the Gem trade always crashes and then slowly starts to build itself back then crashes again. You can make a profit at it but expect lots of competition scraping for profits and the crash really hurts the start up profits for quite a long time.

    Lastly don't go around telling your friends how you made money, you will just create more competition and less profits.

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    The best place to farm gold is the Auction House

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    Guys, I have neither the time nor the inclination to play the AH. the most i'd be interested in is being a processing plant with 1 of my professions, buying cheap items and processing them with a profit. but anything above a medium size AH is not manageable on my available time.

    I do want to use the AH to sell what I farm or make, but not to flip items for profit.

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    Also, I don't mind farming a low level instance for money for an hour or 2. I just want to do something that isn't dailies for my money.
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    Since some specific point in WoW's history, it isn't a great idea to discuss farm spots or gold-making strategies on open forums. It leads to more competition after people read about those, and to nerfing them from Blizzard side.

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    Well your a paladin so you could do the shadowmourne quest line and sell the rewards from it. Takes about a month and a half maybe a little more but usually rewards around 200k+ depending on your server for the rewards.

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    Magister Terrance. Or pit of Sarong. Both are botable, since that's what it seems you are going for.

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