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    PVE: should i leave pet sprint on autocast?

    so i have noticed that for some boss fight, if i leave the pet sprint in autocast, it could be a waste to the focus. sometime when boss just moved his ass a little bit (or even standstill idk) and i find my pet has sprint activated and so there goes 30 focus. these days since we have the blink strike avaliable, i am thinking maybe we do not need to have the spring on autocast and the BS will still cover most of movement needs while save some focus for more claw/bite. what do you guys think?

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    Nah take it off.

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    no or else stool will yell at you


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    30 focus is huge. it should never be on. it's a wasted talent in pve now.
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    I personally turn all auto-cast abilities off as they can result in a loss of focus and/or GCDs for your pet which in turn is a dps loss. I even go so far as to make a macro to manually cast dust cloud if i'm using my tall strider, especially on fights like megaera where manual cast is really the only way to get 100% uptime on a boss debuff.

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