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    Magaera help

    After months of missing 1-2 members we finally have a complete raid that will start clearing fast, but, at the moment we are having some issues with the CD management during the rampages. The raid comp is:

    MW Monk
    Holy Pally
    Resto Drood

    Fury War
    Frost DK
    Frost Mage
    BM hunt
    Destro Lock

    Blood DK

    At the moment the CD order we are using is:

    1. Tranq
    2. Ralling cry/demo banner
    4. AMBx2, Lock cookies, Tree form, Personal CDs
    5. Tranq, Ralling/Demo Banner, Demo Aura
    6. Feral Tranq, Lust, Guardian, and depending on the time ledt over revival and anything else we have left.

    We have only had an hour or so to work on this guy and all of our healers are in the lower 500 range, but are not having to much of an issue. At the moment we are going GRGRBGB, working in the blues due to the lower geared healers. We havent had much time to work on this boss but im looking for some help with the CD management before we go in next raid.

    Another option i have at the moment is swapping my DK and Monk heals for a Resto Shaman and Prot Warrior.

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    Nah. First 2 Rampages need only minor CD, patch people up as they drop low. Don't waste your healing CDs on those. Set up a rotation from 3rd Rampage and up.
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    We only used the Tranq because it would be up later if used then.

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    Sonnillon is right, also, my guild found BRBRBRB to be the easiest one, if your raid can clear ice and dispel at the right time, it reduces raid damage by a lot. And make sure your tank uses HOTW when they tranq.
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    Pally should spec into lights hammer for this, its a mini CD on its own. You have a buttload of CD's. Start at 6 and work backwards.

    1) Nothing
    2) Holy avenger, rallying cry, demo, tree form
    3) Revival, Wings and crit thingy from pala, tranq
    4) Holy avenger, tree form
    5) Bloodlust here, devo aura, rallying cry, demo banner
    6) Holy avenger, guardian, revival, tranq. Wings and crit thingy from pala

    I may have missed out but fill in the gaps :P I worked on at least a minute between heads dieing.

    BL on rampage 5, this means head 6 dies quick and clean. Get thru that and you are home. If you delay BL till rampage 6 you could have lost people already, at which point the fight is all but over.

    Edit, 4 looks light on CD's when I put it down like that. Tell your monk to go nuts on that one and eat lock cookies!
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    Alright im gunna have to try that order. The heads have been going down in roughly 45-50 seconds. Is it really not that big of an issue having a healer followed by the beam? People seem to really not like that one lol.

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    The order i put together was really last minute and kinda thrown together and now that Im looking at it, not very pretty lol. Thank you all for the help it is very appreciated and i will definitely use these tips!

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    Anything you use on rampage 1, 2, and 3 is back up for rampage 4, 5, and 6 respectively, as long as it is a 3 min cooldown or less.

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    For the holy paladin, make sure he is specced into Holy Avenger and Lights hammer. Light's hammer should be up for every single rampage (unless your dps is amazing and kills a head in under a minute). Holy Avenger can be up every other rampage.

    This is how I rotated my CDs for the rampages:

    1) Holy Avenger
    2) Avenging Wrath
    3) Divine Favor
    4) Holy Avenger
    5) Avenging Wrath
    6) Holy Avenger, Divine Favor
    --> Light's hammer on each one
    --> Divine Protection on each one
    (healed along side a disc priest and resto druid)

    I used Devotion Aura on 1 and 4, but use it where ever assigned. It will be used 2 times, (1/2, 2/5, or 3/6). Can do similar assignments with other 3 min CDs.

    As long as you have a couple good CDs available for the last 3 rampages, healers should be able to keep up. Just make sure your healers don't burn thier mana overhealing the first 3. For me on our first rampages the CDs did a lot of the work to keep people alive. Make sure everyone uses thier own survival CDs. Warlock can use Sacrifical pact each, druid can use barkskin each one, DK can use antimagic spell, etc. Don't just use personal survival CDs on one specified rampage. As long as they are 1 min or less they can be used each one. Reducing damage on earlier rampages will mean healers have more mana for later ones.

    Assign one healer to watch each tank with the 3rd healer be able to back up either one if the other healer is occupied/out of range. This will be particularly improtant for any time you have the red and green heads up as healers will have a hard time being in range of both tanks.

    As a note we did GRGRBRG. Similar to yours up til the 6th head. Killing red 6th instead of green in my opinion would make it a little less insane when killing the 7th head (since cinders is easier to deal with than acid rain). Make sure melee are tucked in the corner and ranged are at max range, this will help control the damage of the acid rain. If ranged are spread out, cinders can be dispelled immediately. Melee just have them run out to an assigned spot closeish to the melee stack point so they can get back to dps quickly (we marked a spot right in front of the blue head for it).

    Good luck!

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