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    Lightbulb Updated Garrosh a Sneak Preview of Updated Orcs?

    Didn't see this posted, but I could have missed it, but noting the video on the front page, and all the animations and facial expressions he's capable of... It feels plausible that he could be a sort of sneak preview of the updated Orc models, or at least very similar. After all, why bother with complex facial animations and such on an NPC that is never going to use them (Unless Garrosh channels MCHammer in SoO, making him immune to all damage for the duration) if they're not going to be used.

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    99.99% chance these are the new orc animations. Id be surprised if not. Immediately after seeing the new garrosh moves etc I thought about the new orc animations. For a while I thought the new big feature for 5.4 would be the updated race models and animations but at this point I doubt it will happen any time soon.

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