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    Holy Prism macro

    I'm looking for a macro that will cast Holy Prism on me, while having an Enemy targeted, without deselecting the enemy.

    Does anything like this exist?

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    /cast [@Yourname] Holy Prism

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    Here are the two macros I use:

    #showtooltip Holy Prism
    /cast [harm] [@targettarget, exists] [] Holy Prism

    #showtooltip Holy Prism
    /cast [@player]Holy Prism; [mod:alt, target=target]Holy Prism

    First one is basically casting it at your target at all times. Second one is casting it at yourself or you can press alt and hit your current target. You could use the second one only if you wanted to. I just like having them separate and I can use the second for Holy if I want to.

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    I presume this is for pvp? For pve I cast on mouseover frames in vuhdo and it bound globaly for target, or focus if there is no frames mouseover.

    I've used this method since picking up vuhdo a couple of years ago, probably one of the few resto druids who got ocd about keeping rake up

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