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    Secrets of Empire Question

    I just hit my 3000 VP today on an alt after doing Throne of Thunder on normal already this week. I don't need to do LFR unless it can still drop secrets of the empire. I know that all versions of the instance can drop the secrets, but if I already did Throne in normal without the quest, can it still drop it in LFR this week since I just started the quest? Hopefully I asked that question clearly. Thanks for any info.

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    That's funny because I'm in the exact same boat. I'm queueing for LFR right now to find it out myself.

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    Que for Lei Shen and see if you get one. Don't have a definite answer for ya.

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    I was able to get Lei Shen's heart the same day I got my final Runestone [from him], so I imagine it works the same way with Secrets.

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    Yes you can start collecting them this week even though you haver already cleared normal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaed View Post
    Boss only has a chance once to drop a Secrets, no matter the difficulty. So if you have done it once, no reason to do again.

    While this is true the implication was he did his normal clear BEFORE picking up the quest in which case for all intents and purposes he has not done any bosses yet this week.

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    Don't know I did a full lfr run and only received secrets on twins and lei shen lfr who I did not kill during our shitty normal alt run. Received the quest as well between the normal and the lfr run.

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    I've been wondering the same thing. I did lei shen's lfr and got my last secret and now I'm on the titan runestone and wondering if I can grab an extra by doing lei shen again

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    The way I understand it, If you are on a new portion of the quest line and haven't done LFR then you would be eligible for loot/Secrets. I could be wrong because I did it quite awhile ago when we still needed 6k VP so I am not positive. Love to see the answer. The best idea I have seen is queue for Lei Shen and see if he drops it, then you will know.
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    Thanks for the answers guys, I got 2.

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