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    I'm still not happy with the nerf to KJC. Mostly because of the Change to Mannoroth's Fury too. So now 2/3rd's of our talent choices are 15 sec duration with 90 second cd's, not to mention both felt BETTER as passives. Everyone elses lvl 90 talents that have CD's at least DO something. It's like oh Warlocks now practically have Spiritwalker's Grace, and some...random ass AoE boost if they want it. I really hope they change it so Destro at least can keep it as a passive. Without that talent they are gutted because of long cast times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuuseishu View Post
    It already has a staggered release compared to normals, if you feel that you NEED to do Flex just to progress through normals at an average rate then that is entirely your choice to do so. If you are a person who progresses through normals at an average rate now, you certainly won't need to do Flex in order to do the same in 5.4
    Not that staggered according to Blizzard... it'll be probably one week later (while LFR will take more time).

    As Blizzard love to say to pvp players: "pve isn't that generous". One week (hell, even a month) won't mean you'll be totally decked in new gear, so everything other than the next dificult is 0 upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerissis View Post
    They specifically said NEW 20 man. When you enter a new raid with a new ID, you might have to do bosses again. When you add people to your own, already existing, id, you will obviously not reset that raid.
    I think only you got that way. I get the same idea, one guy that didn't kill, the boss is back for everyone.

    It's not about "new 20 man" or different raid size. Since it kinda of clearly shows that if you did the boss with 10 players, later join a "new" raid with 20, but if all those 20 players did the same bosses as you did that week, all 20 players would start on the next one. No respawn of older bosses.

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    Flex is going to be winged. So if you kill 13/16 one night, you'll only have to rerun the last wing to get the last 3 guys.

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    Okay, soo...what we got here:
    -this same,recoloured in purple, sha model
    - oh wait, there is also copy of "ToEs sha"!
    -ra-den no.2
    -horde scorpion mount as boss?! why not!
    -"do you like razorscale?" "no?", "who care!, check our new-old boss!"

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    i would love my water elemental to look like that! @[email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyghost View Post
    And the ilvl concerns are warranted, to be honest. Ever since the end of WotLK the item scaling has been a bit... crazy. It appears like it's some sort of design decision that wound up not being good years down the road that is particularly hard to back out of....
    No, it's not warranted, nothing stops you from doing old encounters with intended iLvl.

    High iLvl is just a way for players to get old gear that didn't drop. Or do you think people will for example form 40 man AQ raids today simply because a few people might want the 2H or a BattlePet that drops? Maybe you are whining cuz phoenix mount hasn't dropped for you? Well, I don't have it either, but you don't see me complaining. In the end, it's just numbers and a chance to revisit old content that otherwise would have been ignored.
    Quote Originally Posted by Skroe View Post
    And since when has UN backing mattered for anything?
    China and Russia are global rogues, trampling international norms...
    I would rather my country be perceived from time to time, as a global bully...
    All in the same post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerryz View Post
    More changes for Hunter you say?

    What more can you possibly do to hurt us? :/
    Not an MMO.

    Do you see news about candy crush on the front page? It wouldn't hurt you if you didnt read it.

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    There is a dedicated site for hearth, made by the MMO champ peeps, where people can go. Like for d3.

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    I love hearthstone news because I love having a beta I have not been "accepted" into waved in my face

    I can't wait to not get in
    "WoW is a game about upgrading your stuff." - Ghostcrawler

    Quote Originally Posted by Cilraaz
    anachronistic hypocrites
    Oh noes! We're time traveling hypocrites!

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnifiedDivide View Post
    "Oh noes! Those iLvls are getting higher and higher! Please, do a squish! The numbers are scary big!" - Is what I envisage a fair amount of the comments to be about.
    Ya know, for what it's worth there doesn't need to be a squish. What they need to do is just smaller number steps. SO the fuck WHAT if the next raid tier's gear is only 5 numbers above the last one? IT'S STILL HIGHER, IS IT NOT?!

    IDK why people freak out about useless numbers like that. I honestly miss the days before ilvl even became a thing that was implemented into the game. It's just another way for the elitists to be elitists...

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    Half finished Proto model...

    Seriously Blizzard?

    new Dragons needed

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    One day I may actually win a pet


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    Wonder if i can sell this pet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhaine View Post
    One day I may actually win a pet

    Not with being this smart, you wont.

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    The pet makes me want to come back to wow just for the pet battles!!!

    Duffie Tichondrius

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerryz View Post
    More changes for Hunter you say?

    What more can you possibly do to hurt us? :/
    Hunters are in a very, very good state right now, especially Beast Mastery. I find it hilarious that they think they're getting gutted or even somewhat in a bad place at all.

    Even after these minor nerfs, Hunters will still be incredibly strong in Arena and PvP.

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    Man, the siege is gonna be soooo good

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    The ilevel difference between this tier and next tier is 31 !
    The ilevel difference between LFR and Normal is 25.

    Why do you even bother to run now or LFR?

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    I hate that cheeky-ass response from GC about the Orc model. "It could be, do you like it?" You guys -should- have been working on the new models for years now. Don't give us this BS. Either it is or it isn't.

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    I hope orgrimmar doesnt fall!

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    No Magatha as a boss? I want her to die sooooo bad xD

    I've had hope for a role related bosses in this raid. But well... Blizzard has stopped caring for lore long time ago.

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