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    Ji Firepaw, what's he up to?

    So...where the hell is he? We haven't seen anything out of him or Aysa since 5.0, but since he was in Orgrimmar he's bound to come up. Like, would he come up in the spoils of Pandaria encounter where Garrosh has all of the Pandaren races improsoned and you set them free over the course of the encounter? He has to come up somewhere right? I mean we got to see Garrosh being a brutal unmerciful military mind with stuff like Theramore, but the first time I really got to see him just be a dick in Mists was when he let out all of those beasts on Ji and starting Pandaren players. So will Ji have something to say about all of this going on? At any rate I haven't seen him or Gallywix with the horde rebels. I know Gallywix is gonna backstab Garrosh from his underling's comments in Dark Heart, but what's Ji gonna do now? We've gotten some kind of info on all the horde leaders' stances but his.

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    He's stuck in a cage in one of the SoO boss battles. Players free him.

    Rescue Raiders (New) Rescue a set of caged prisoners, a group of unwilling combat participants, and Ji Firepaw before defeating the Kor'Kron Dark Shaman in Siege of Orgrimmar on Flexible, Normal, or Heroic difficulty. 10 points.

    Rescue Raiders
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    Seems like he decided to speak out against Garrosh.

    Luckily, we get to him in time.

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    He is reconsidering his support of the Horde and asked if he could join Alliance instead (I saw Baine making some inquires as well). Next expansion, all Horde Pandarens and Taruen will have option of staying their races and becoming part of the glorious Alliance, or they get a free race change. Same with the Worgen and Night Elves who are currently in the Alliance.

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