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    because it is good until it's bad, it's hot when it's cold, it's yes when it's no, and he really doesn't want to go-oo.
    Or some crap of this sort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babo7000 View Post
    When you are angry, afraid, depressed etc, you know immediately how you feel, and if you want, can take actions against these feelings. You are angry? Focus on something that makes you happy. You are fearful? Identify the source of your fear and confront it.

    This cannot be done with pride. Someone who is confident to the point of hubris/pride won't even realize it, and will be the last person to admit it. It makes you stubborn, and unwilling to change.

    Pride is a good emotion in small amounts. However, it can quickly turn bad without you realizing it, as Shao Hao said. Lastly, Pride is arguably the root problem for any human conflict. A multi-millionaire puts people out a business to make a few more mill isn't doing so for greed, as he has the money he needs. He's doing it for pride, so he can have more than everyone else. A leader who wages war on a smaller nation isn't doing so just for resources or strategy. It is also due to pride, the want have the biggest and greatest empire.

    Perhaps Prides greatest problem is that it disguises itself as other emotions. So someone who is far too prideful may not n3ver even know.
    Yeah, you are aware of those feelings and can react and change them, pride you can notice as well when you sound too arrogant, you know it but usually you just keep it that way and still it lets you feel good inside with it.
    It is good until it is bad, almost the whole world is like that it seems.

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    Maybe because it's the strongest "Sha" emotion present in WoW Players? The Player's are fuelling it oO

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    sha of pride has more pixels

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    Its not, it just happens to be the one they chose for Garrosh.

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    Like Hakkar said "Pride heralds the end of your world."
    The same belief Rhonin had when the alpha reply beacon was sent, that our races are more important than some master plan, may blind us to the fact of how insignificant we are to the greater picture; that our continued defiance for self-preservation, which I would say involves some manner of pride, puts worlds beyond Azeroth at risk.

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    There isn't really a difference between pride and all the other sha. All emotions have good and bad sides to them, and all require control to avoid loosing yourself to them. Some people might loose themselves easier to pride then others, some might loose themselves easier to hatred then others etc.

    The basic answer to the thread title is "Because Blizzard said so!".

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    I still say its not the sha of pride that raped the vale it was the sha of fucking boredom and frustration from the millions of players that caused the destruction of the vale of eternal blossoms from those golden lotus dailies

    That is the most powerful sha in pandaria

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    seriously the fact there is 7 deadly emotions and the strongest is pride is just merely a coincidence and you say there is no logical connection
    Yes, that is correct.

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    As others have said, because Pride can be an asset... and then an enemy.

    Garrosh quite handily sums up what happens when someone has too much pride in himself.

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    Pride heralds the end of your world. Come, mortals! Face the wrath of the soulflayer!
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    If the sha of anger was the last sha i could understand cause anger manifested can turn anyone into a craze lunatic that just wants to kill kill kill but how can a prideful person be anything more than more prideful

    How can pride manifested be such a danger except to make everyone prideful assholes instead of angry assholes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazgrel View Post
    Pride heralds the end of your world. Come, mortals! Face the wrath of the soulflayer!
    And remember that pride is gonna enjoy killin' these slack-jawed daffodils!

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    If you cannot understand why pride is such a potential dangerous thing then you've missed Garrosh's entire "character arc" for this expansion. His pride is his destruction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    I know blizz is just ripping of the Seven deadly sins which says pride is the worst but how can a manifest of pride be such a danger?
    That's just plain funny. (also stupid, but I like laughing with stupid)
    -=Z=- Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek! -=Z=-

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    Pride is often embraced as none of the others are. It blinds you to all else driving you on in the face of any consequences or contrary evidence. When the Empress was corrupted by fear, she drove her swarm on, but too soon and in a way that weakened the swarm; fear clouded her thoughts and made her actions hasty and foolish. Despair consumed the red crane, but all it caused the people to do was.. well, literally nothing. Bad, but contained. Other sha have similar effects... but Pride clouds your judgement, not your thoughts. You'll come to believe you're absolutely right, but can still think clearly enough to use intelligent tactics. You can still be charismatic enough to attract followers and build an army.

    I wouldn't say it's always the strongest... but I will it has the greatest potential. All of the others must eventually burn themselves out. Pride does not have to; when someone proud goes wrong, it often falls to others to bring it to an end. The Empress's swarm, prematurely hatched, would have eventually died off, leading to the death of all mantid (this is why the Klaxxi needed to intervene, after all); Garrosh will not eventually die off or fall apart. His version of the horde will persist, growing stronger and more dangerous, until it is taken down.

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    Pride is deadliest of sins.

    Across history men have done terrible things out of pride. Not as many nor terrible as those out of greed, anger, apathy, desire or envy and certainly not out of gluttony.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phlegethon View Post
    That's just plain funny. (also stupid, but I like laughing with stupid)
    care to elaborate?

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    Just ask the Gilneans and High elves, why Pride can be disastrous.
    He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it.

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    I was told once that Pride is the greatest of the sins because it was what led Lucifer to rebel against God in the first place -- making it sort of the origin point of the other sins. I'm not religious at all but I always liked that explanation.

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