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    Heroic Megaera 10 man any tips?

    Last night was my group's first night of real attempts on this boss and it didn't go as I expected, but of course I was expecting a kill lol. I have logs provided below and any helpful criticisms are appreciated. I am having our group use the below video as a guideline to how I want everybody positioned ie healers always around the middle and ranged DPS on the left hand side during Arcane heads (back to the middle during blue and red heads).

    Video being used a guideline:

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    Any help here?
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    Just a cursory glance... your Discs have really low Spirit Shell numbers and low numbers in general. Either they're not using Spirit Shell properly (w/Wings), or not using Spirit Shell period for rampages. Prayer of Healing shouldn't be doing more healing than Spirit Shell which leads me to believe that they may not be using it as often as they can or not coordinating with each other. Make sure they are staggering them during rampages cause you don't need that much buffer all at once on any rampage really. Helps to have one start on G1 then shell G2 and have the other shell G2 before G1. Even better, just have one Disc shell the first half of rampage and the other Disc shell the second half. Both Discs have really low Archangel uptime and neither is using Divine Star, which is amazing for rampage healing.

    That's only commentary on healing though... didn't really look close enough at the logs to tell what you're wiping to exactly.

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    On the discs:

    PW:S usage is very low. They should get Engela's rapture mods to track it. They are losing out on a lot of mana returns.
    Also, I understand divine star is tops for rampages since you can pop it 2x in a rampage and cascade is a big subpar because you won't be killing greens.

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    Hey Greywardenn,
    Use Ring of Frost and cc all 3 ADDs we found it will be better to kill the Boss with the following order:
    (our kill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xalCYjjK9Jc )
    Note: u won't have adds, so the RNG if off.
    after green dies all have to pot on the blue one, that u only get 2 AoE hit of green.
    BL on the 2nd red to only get one AoE hit of green.
    On purple just surrive and zerg the last blue head.

    Maybe is will work better for you.

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    That does seem like it could work, we were having huge issues getting past the 3rd head because one of our tanks would always drop. I am going to bring up the Spirit Shell comments as well as Divine Star.

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    What were your healers pushing HPS-wise?

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    We go blue red arcane blue red arcane than blue again. Adds are easy to deal with if you have proper cc

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    Ya we were trying that and honestly with a priest's void tendrils or psyfiend (glyphed) the adds shouldn't pose a big issue. I actually just realized our priests were definitely not popping those. Should help tremendously.

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    I only looked at 6 or so pulls and your warrior tank seems to be consistently dying to the dot from the red head. Most of the ones I looked at he was dying during the rampage from rampage damage + the dot.

    Your tank should be using a cd to stay alive during the rampage while he has the dot. If for some odd reason he doesn't have one all 3 of your healers have externals they can use on him (Druid - Iron Bark (60 sec cd), Disc Priest - Pain Supression, Holy Priest - Guardian). I also noticed you had a holy paladin on a few pulls that can use Hand of Purity or Hand of Sacrifice.

    It may also be beneficial to have the dk tank on the red heads as he has ams on a 45 sec cd he can use for rampage+dot ticks to make it easier on the healers (I don't know much about warrior tanks so maybe they have something that would be good for this as well?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greywardenn View Post
    What were your healers pushing HPS-wise?
    Assuming they aren't kiting ice going into a rampage, Disc Priests at their gear level should spike to around 110-120k HPS on average on rampages (assuming you are 3-healing the fight still) but there are a lot of factors that could raise or lower that (such as both Discs spirit shelling simultaneously as I mentioned). HPS will be higher of course on later rampages when the damage going out is higher. There's really no magic HPS number that will tell you "they're doing it right."

    All healing classes should be able to pull at least 90k HPS on a rampage but again that's a very rough estimate since it depends so much on what is going on and how the rampage is being dealt with (mitigated vs healing cooldown'd).
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    Attempts went soooo much better last night, the healing changes really helped immensely. We made it to the 6th head and were constantly on the 4th-5th head. Definitely killing it tonight. Thanks for the advice everybody!

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