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    Help me out

    Demon hunter, what should i be focusing on for gear to upgrade?

    Thanks alot!

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    first of all upgrade your 70% gem in weapon, then ring (add avg dmg and vit), craft amulet, gloves, bracers

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    you need better gem, may be a gem with mofe life on head

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    Yup! like the others have mentioned better Gem first

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    I would try your luck crafting amulets and Bracers.

    Personally unless you really need the knockback crafted bracers will give you an extra 80ish dex. You must roll Crit Hit (hopefully 5.5 or 6%) and then look for extra stats of vit and all res to get a nice pair.

    Mempo is nice but is the attack speed more beneficial than Crit Chance. Crit Mempos are very expensive but you could compare some nice crit helms to the mempo you have at a reasonable price.

    Other than that it would frustrate me no end to have 0 extra pick up radius but that is really a personal preference.

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    Pick up radius on your natalya boots. 50 vit...fuck that over pick up radius.

    Maybe somewhat better Inna's pants, but not biggest upgrade.

    Buy new gloves on AH, if anything is affordable compared to your semi-okay trifecta. Crafting gloves useally to hard.

    Slight upgrade can be gotten on the witching hour, crit dmg is afterall a good dmg booster, but you already got a good one.

    Craft bracers.

    Craft shoulders.

    Do you really need thoes 45 all res, VS more stats on your chest?

    Craft amulet, prio this first of all your crafted items.

    New helm, witch or what stats Im not to sure, but that Archon helm can't be worth it without crit chance.
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