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    Dark heart of pandaria

    I just tried this on heroic for the first time and wiped a couple of times on the last boss.
    Can someone please explain how to kill this guy.
    What do those four green marks do and are you suppose to collect all four of them?
    What about add when they come out, aoe or stay on boss?

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    Blobs damage nearby enemies when they die= you stay on the boss and cleave blobs when they are up to minimize their uptime.
    I gues the green pillars are healing, never bothered using them as the boss died way to fast (bonus timer had 2min40sec left as the boss died last time i did DH hc).
    Decursing can help if you need healing, as the curse reduces healing received.

    gl with your scenario

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    The white orbs reset all your cooldowns and give you 100% extra damage.

    The green orbs heal the group for 10% HP every second.

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