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Outside of CDs sub does pretty bad dps too.

Btw the original "pvp" spec was assassination. 31/7/13 with a hybrid tier 1/2 was the most OP the rogue class has ever been typically killing anyone aside of a warrior inside of a stun lock. Even killing warriors 1 v 1 with some tricky business who were the only class that rogue's had difficulty against in vanilla. Back then people would (poorly) spec sub since at higher AP hemo actually started to hit harder than sinister strike in pve sometimes but no one would ever go full assassination for pve. Then once 2.0 came out with tbc talents at lv60 assassination was still about the strongest you could go in pve with mutilate.
That was a viable pvp spec initially. AR was still really strong and dont forget BF originally mimiced the armor of your primary target which allowed you to shred a plate wearer should they stand near a clothie. Dont forget that unless you had high warlord / grand marshal weapons (meaning you could just choose whichever), vanilla was very much a time where your spec depended on what weapons you could get.

2.0 at 60, sorry, that is wrong. At that point you could prep Cloak (and you didnt get even a single cloak if you weren't sub) and that with hemo being non normalized made sub a clear winner (also remember GM/HW weapons were available to all and there were 2.7 weapons). Personally, 2.0 at 60 I don't think counts because 2.0 is really BC (however they didnt swap cloak with shs on the talent tree till the actual launch) which isn't about 60 and combat maces was king for the first 2 seasons with HARP in S3 and shs in S4.