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    Pvp focus target cc mcro help

    Hi, I currently have all my cc to target my focus made up in multiple different macros and they are spread across different keybinds. I was wondering if it were possible to consolidate them into one macro that can use modifiers like shift control and alt to choose the different spell. Let me explain what i mean

    suppose I had polymorph bound to v
    would it be possible for me to make a macro for the spell that when I hit shift V it deep freezes ctrl- V to make it Counterspell and alt-v to cast frostjaw all of this targeting my focus.

    thanks in advance for the help.
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    I tried to post the whole macro but the forum software thinks its a link or something.

    Basically add mod:shift or mod:alt as a conditional to parts of your macro, and in the cast part, separate the different spells with a semicolon and the conditionals

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    Please post all mage macro related questions in the official mage macro thread which is just a bit above this, stickied. Thanks for your cooperation. Someone will answer it as soon as possible.
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