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    Wow. Truly astounding. I seem to recall the wannabe hardcores claiming that faceroll content killed the game in Wrath and now you are using that expansion to defend elitist notions such as removing easy content from casuals? Are you fucking kidding me right now?
    Maybe I'm reading too much into your post, but when was the idea of removing LFR an elitist notion?
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    At this point in the game, removal or watering down of the experience that the casual players see in LFR would only hurt their sub numbers more. They aren't going to alienate their much larger casual population to cater to whining hardcores who can't sleep at night because "unworthy players" are seeing all the content.
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    The community whined and bitched and cried, they stamped their little feet and demanded faster expansion releases. They don't get to complain now that expansions are shorter.

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    Because elitists like you aren't driving people away from the game. I'm sorry but your attitude is significantly worse for this game and community than any faceroll content ever could be.
    You have one of the worst attitudes in this thread and I can easily see you alone driving players away from the game if you act that way ingame as in this thread.

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    I know at least 134 hardcore raiders left because of LFR.
    Force us to play with newbs, ninja looters and AFKs.
    If you knew 134 "hardcore" raiders why didn't you make your own groups for LFR? You had enough for at least 5 different LFR groups. Oh wait you are talking out of your ass. No wonder.

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    OK. This has come totally off the rails so closing.
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