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    I'm using OBS and Im wondering if its possible to remove the sound im getting from WoW being broadcasted?

    I want to hear the sound, but dont want my viewers hear it.


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    Virtual Audio Cables is the only free way I know that you can re-direct sound such as WoW + Skype.
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    Quote Originally Posted by veteran View Post
    I want to hear the sound, but dont want my viewers hear it.
    Because you want to add horribe "music" instead??

    Why would anyone, want to look at a stream without sound? Streams are boring enough.. No sound = Even worse..
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    Thank you virtuos! I'll check it out.

    No Fuxie, cuz I am using certain addons that make sounds that ppl think is annoying, so I wanna spare them from hearing it.

    dont hate on music

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    Any links that legit where I can download virtual cable sound? All links I googled seems fishy.

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    fuck this program is advanced..
    Any1 know a tutorial on my certain problem?

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    This is the program I downloaded, wrong? correct?

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