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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    I prefer to see him as a Warchief. Emphasis on the War.

    A cool alternative to the "do no evil" Alliance.

    But apparently every race has to be good and pure or whatever.

    I mean how many of you were doing the DK starting zone and praying that you could work with the Lich King for good. WoW needs a bad faction, and the Horde wont be that faction after Garrosh is dethroned.
    Nor should it be. MMOs with a color-by-numbers 'One side good the other side bad' approach to binary playable factions tend to be pretty fuckin' boring. Having both be populated by well-intentioned heroes who end up at war with each other because they flat-out can't resolve their ideological differences makes for more interesting storytelling opportunities than what Garrosh's Horde has given us, where the Horde players that don't fancy the idea of being shoehorned into the role of a cackling cartoon villain have been forced to either go along with it for an expansion and a half or reroll/pay money to faction change to the other team.

    If WoW were to implement a third villainous faction then sure, rock on. But build it up from the ground to be the villainous faction and stick to it; this bait-and-switch bullshit almost a decade into the game's lifespan where the players are forced to be Adolf Hellscream's thugs can rot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vindrax View Post
    Before MoP was released a friend and I talked about why we would be killing Garrosh in 4.5. I came up with a theory on why and it is that since his shoulder armor is made from Mannoroth's tusks that Garrosh's skin would absorb some residue. His blood rage would begin to corrupt him and it would to tie in the burning legion returning. Anyway just an old theory.
    The tusks are from a Wendigo of Northrend, not from Mannoroth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow-cleave View Post
    Naw, he's just been a dick to the entire planet. Garrosh being an asshole has nothing to do with demons or Old Gods (not yet anyways), we're just sick of his shit.
    You don't know that he isn't corrupted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pucGG View Post
    The problem with the Horde is that it's being played by humans. If Garrosh was the character in a novel or a TV-series he'd fit right where he is.

    Orcs aren't hippies, they're warmongers.
    Except when they aren't. Like before they were corrupted by Mannoroth.

    They may be more savage than humans, but they aren't warmongers normally any more than them.
    There's a big difference between a warrior-based culture and a war-based one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardstyler01 View Post
    The tusks are from a Wendigo of Northrend, not from Mannoroth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardstyler01 View Post
    You don't know that he isn't corrupted.

    And that's not even going into how you've got no proof that he is corrupted so suggesting that the side which DOES have a modicum of evidence is wrong is faulty logic

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